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TripletControl Version 1.1
Device Randomizer Fixed for Live 9 Version 1.0
XVAnalogueFilter Virtual Analogue Filter - Live 9 Version 1.0
MultiMap Observer Version 1.1
PULL Touch VST Device Controller Version 3
Midi Note Control Parameters Version 1.0
Mono Sequencer for PULL iPad-Touchscreen Version 1.0
Diva VST PULL Template with xPlugin Version 1.0

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Hey Marcello, sorry about this. Feel free to contact and I'll help.

The cool thing is though that you can create automation/modulation for the original parameter :)

Hi Freevibes, just wondering, is it the history being written from the observed parameter that you're referring to? It's just that this device works based on a parameter that is observed. Then it moves other parameters based on that. The "other parameters" wont be included in the history (because they use live.remote), but the parameter that is controlling them will always have undo history. It happens before max, so there is no way around that. It's just like moving a normal parameter in ableton - it generates undo steps.

MidiNoteControlParameters does Velocity and also Note On/Off

Hey Happytosh,

There are plenty of devices that can help you do this already.

For instance, we have MidiNoteControlParameters -

You could hook this up?

Hey piguz, none of the filters should me mono (they all have stereo inputs for left and right channel) . The default setting is Lphase set to 0 and Rphase set to 180 (same as autofilter default setting). You should be able to hear clearly that the LFO filter is moving at exactly the opposite from the Left and Right speakers (ie, if you are using low pass, the left speaker will be at lowest cutoff, while the right speaker will be highest/opposite). It is possible to make the filter mono, by turning the Lphase to 180, both filters will follow the exact same LFO setting. Sometimes it sounds nice to offset them just slightly from one another (Lphase 178 and Rphase 180), to create a slight delay between left and right channels (sounds fatter)

Manual freq modulation is in the "Man" setting in the dropdown. You can select, Freq (which is free moving), Sync (syncs to ableton) Notrpl (no triplets), Trpl (triplets) and Man (manual).

Hey Specialykay,

You can create your own sidechain using the "Envelope Follower" device that comes with the Max For Live Essentials pack.

It's not possible to get a sidechain into this device, because m4l devices cant get audio (for sidechaining) from other tracks (only the track the device resides on). Hence the need for a second device to capture the audio from another track and send the values to another device.

Hey Specialkay,

Thanks. The LFO is only free running with the "Freq" setting (since the rate is free in Hz, same as AutoFilter), it does resync to host tempo play position, when using the settings "Sync, Trpl, NoTrpl". If you set up a 4 bar loop with any of these settings, the LFO will start at exactly the same position every time you start the loop and throughout the loop. Try also changing the LPhase to 180% to ensure the left and right channels are playing the same LFO settings, so you can hear the synced LFO more clearly (although not necessary).

Yes, I also notice some weirdness with the min max and def buttons. Ive avoided them for the time being because it seems theyre not working on the more complex devices like operator. They seem to work ok on fairly simple devices like ping pong delay. I even had live crash out on my by setting all the min/max values on operator. Im not sure whether they worked before with live 8 version (im guessing they did). Maybe also something change with live 9 thats causing it to be broken. Ill try to have a look for a fix at some point soon.

It was a problem with the callback function at the bottom of the script, which resulted in a "function not found" error.

Hi Rnd,

Are you just saying it is quieter than it should be?

If so, search for the volume parameter in the device display and set it to "off". I do this with synths and it makes a lot of difference. With operator you can also set the device to turn of OSCA Volume etc. This will also keep the volumes up.

For those in need, I fixed this device to work with Live 9. You can find that here.

Would be great if Hanako could contact this thread and upload it again to this page so its all in one place.