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Name | Version: MultiMap Observer 1.1
Author: xmonsta
Device Type: Audio Effect
Description: This devices observes any parameter within the live set, by mapping to it. Then it moves other mapped parameters based on the observed parameter.

Only works with Live 9

Removed 'input' dial, because it interferes with automation.


Live Version Used: 9.0.6
Max Version Used: 6.1.4
Date Added: Jan 01 2014 08:29:41
Date Last Updated: Jul 29 2014 17:53:58
Downloads: 4

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License: AttributionNonCommercialNoDerivatives
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great - have been looking for something like this - thanks for your work
Hi there . Very good device thanks for sharing. Is there anyway to change the routing to make it not to write the undo history everytime a value moves? it makes it really anoying, i tried my self but i couldnt , the way for doing it is described here

Please tell me asap if you have time for it , i will keep trying my self with the live.remote

Hi Freevibes, just wondering, is it the history being written from the observed parameter that you're referring to? It's just that this device works based on a parameter that is observed. Then it moves other parameters based on that. The "other parameters" wont be included in the history (because they use live.remote), but the parameter that is controlling them will always have undo history. It happens before max, so there is no way around that. It's just like moving a normal parameter in ableton - it generates undo steps.
The cool thing is though that you can create automation/modulation for the original parameter :)

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