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Name | Version: PULL Touch VST Device Controller 3
Author: xmonsta
Device Type: MIDI Effect
Description: BLACK FRIDAY SALE Until Sunday Night. 30% OFF everything. Enter the coupon code: friday , at the top left of the checkout page.

New version 4 coming out soon.

PULL is the leading Touchscreen Device Controller for VSTs and Devices in Ableton. PULL requires Lemur touchscreen app from liine and Ableton/Max for live.

We're about to launch V3.1 of our PULL software. This includes a new feature where you can make multiple templates for a particular Device or VST. For instance you can have the main Sylenth1 template, and then another smaller Sylenth1 template including the main controls (cutoff, resonance, xy pads, arpeggiator etc). It's going to be awesome :) We've also got lots of new templates coming up so stay tuned...

This update brings about full Live 9.6 compatibility and a host of new improvements, features etc.

In a nutshell, this software allows you to edit fullscreen versions of every ableton device (over 60 Lemur templates) directly from your iPad . PULL also allows you to control Max Devices and VST plugins. PULL follows any device that is currently selected and displays a very large, multi-touch template on the iPad for editing.

We've created a video here with a short demonstration:

And here's a review by ableton live expert:

NEW! - You can control VST, AU plugins and Max for Live devices

NEW! - Installers now available for MAC and WIN

NEW! - Release DIVA VST template for PULL -

We noticed that while there are some great controllers for Ableton, most of these lack intuitiveness when editing devices (only allowing you to edit 8 banks of parameters at a time, using generic knobs).

PULL is set to change this, providing much larger, full screen, multi-touch versions that are designed to look just like Ableton devices.

The software uses a combination of Ableton, Max for live and the Lemur iPad app to achieve this.


Live Version Used: 9.6
Max Version Used: 7.1
Date Added: Jul 28 2014 02:07:45
Date Last Updated: Nov 23 2017 13:39:04
Downloads: 3

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Great app! Super fun and easy to use. These guys are awesome. I had a little trouble installing and getting things synced but Simon skyped me from across the pond at 4 am. Thanks again!

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