Comments by victorkashirin

Awesome device, exactly what I was was postponing to build for myself for too long. Combined with sync-free gate sequencer it can make streams of notes and control messages and trigger/modulate everything with off-the-grid rhythms.

Was wondering just about one thing: based on description, I assumed receiver can also emit midi note(s) to trigger other midi instruments, but couldn't figure it out yet. Based on patch it doesn't seem to have this function.

Anyway, thanks for sharing, dial and env are amazing devices.
nunoaudio, you mean the label text is white and hence unreadable? Same for me!) I'll update device shortly, together with some improvements to functionality as well - it's long overdue.
Lots of fun, thanks for sharing! Oscilloscope on the background is beautiful as well.
Just today discovered the DLS Synth and was excited to find your blog post about it. This device was really useful in DLS exploration. Thanks!
Thanks for comment, M4L.

Indeed, I found these two: «Note Skipper 1.1 by zaSLON», which does slightly different thing, and «Note Skipper 1.0 by ndivuyo», which looks a bit raw.

If you know other similar devices - please let me know, interesting to learn from others.
"Note" mode is genious!
Really cool device. Thanks!
New version 1.5 uploaded: added note drop out probability.
Thanks for comment, newmodernscience.

I tried your recommendation, works really well. Another tip: put Ableton MIDI Chord after MIDI Random.

Wow to Uzi, haven't seen this one. Really nice device!

Thanks for comment, senorakubra. Indeed, I was inspired by the «Tragedy» too, just had to implement it myself since Tragedy was custom built for Joshua only.

Good suggestion for the feature. It actually make sense to include it in the device, because when you play chord, you want to be able to randomly skip any/all notes in the chord. If one would use random gate after the device, is would be impossible to skip full chord, since it will gate randomly selected midi notes. Will try to add!