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About tonwelle: After 10 years of using Ableton and Max for Live for my own music I finally had the time to develop my own little devices. Max / Msp has been fascinating for me all these years but also hard to see through with the hundreds of objects. But if you get into it right then you start to understand the functions and methods and it's fun to come up with your own tools. Let's see what else comes to mind ...
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Devices by tonwelle

TW Haas II Version 1.0.1
TW DelayCalc Version 1.0
TW Haas Effect Delay Version 1.0.1
TW Degrader Version 1.1
TW Tone Generator Version 1.1
TW Normalize Version 1.0

Total Downloads: 5,018

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This kit once more reveals the behind the scenes power of M4L within Live. Great! Many thanx to the developers!

Ups, so sorry, I meant hatyn :-)

Thank to hatten :-)
And yes: the conversion to hertz as well as the connection to live devices like the reverb or chorus to manipulate the delay time directly is one of the next challenges. As fas as I know, there is no M4L device with those capabilities out now.

Version: 1.0.1
- added Push® mapping via live.banks
- some UI changes

Re-uploaded the amxd because it was not saved properly as it opens in edit rather than in locked mode and was not frozen ;-)

In version 1.0 there was jweb included to load creative website with additional information concerning license. This has been removed in version 1.0.1 because it always connects to the webpage when loading this device into a track. If there is a way to have a jweb enclosed in a patch to receive additional information at will please let me know.

Hi pechmann,
the crash happens also with Live 10.0.2b8 (the latest beta). Is there a way to rebuild the synth using live 10 and max8? I have contacted Ableton support, but they asked to contact You. So: no solution.

Synth is fantastic!
Under Live 10 there is an issue: Live crashes immediately when removing an instance of the device from a midi track.
Also when opening the device in the Max 8 Editor and unfreezing it, Max crashes.