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Name | Version: TW DelayCalc 1.0
Author: tonwelle
Device Type: Audio Effect
Description: This is a simple delay time calculator based on the tempo of the current live set. Since it is a Max for Live audio device it must be put after any midi device.
I was looking for a way to take control of a Live reverb device's predelay control, but refused it because of the exp. scaling of the dial. So at this stage of development it is necessary to put in the values manually.
The strobe metronome is just for fun ;-)


Live Version Used: 10.1
Max Version Used: 8.0.4
Date Added: Apr 21 2019 11:16:15
Date Last Updated: Apr 21 2019 11:43:17
Downloads: 1094
License: None
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Device File: TW DelayCalc.amxd


Re-uploaded the amxd because it was not saved properly as it opens in edit rather than in locked mode and was not frozen ;-)
sweet tool. IMO would be nice to have hz conversion and multipliers as well and then some trick to link to to chorus or other devices
Thank to hatten :-)
And yes: the conversion to hertz as well as the connection to live devices like the reverb or chorus to manipulate the delay time directly is one of the next challenges. As fas as I know, there is no M4L device with those capabilities out now.
Ups, so sorry, I meant hatyn :-)

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