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Name | Version: TW Degrader 1.1
Author: tonwelle
Device Type: Audio Effect
Description: Audio Effect (stereo) to change the bit resolution (i.e. Bitrate) and sample rate by using the degrader~ object.
There is a limiter (omx.peaklim~) to prevent the signal from clipping which can be turned on and off, and a dry/wet knob (using vs.xfade~ from Virtual Sounds Macros) to fade the effect in and out.
The output gain of the effected signal can be tuned. Gain comes after the Limiter.
Inspiration is from here:

V1.1: Added a number to show the actual sample rate in kHz.


Live Version Used: 10.1
Max Version Used: 8.0.4
Date Added: Apr 17 2019 16:00:47
Date Last Updated: Apr 22 2019 10:44:46
Downloads: 647
License: None
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Device File: TW Degrader v1.1.amxd

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