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TableArp Version 1.01
Triggered Envelope Version 1.0
Triggered Dual Envelope Version 1.0
Triggered Dual Envelope Version 1.1
Nancarrows Delay Version 1.0

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Plagiarism?!?, non, non, non!... that would take careful analysis.. and where does inspiration cross over into reuse?
and after all great minds work alike...
Even if all that was required is attribution, these are silly arguments: none of us makes a living from this specific code, n'est pas?
nevertheless, given that this ( is a place where inspiration and parallel thought has often produced duplicate efforts,
This plug does seem to be a better implementation of some earlier plugins:specifically, this and EnvelopeTrigger seem quite like the very early max4live plug i never really finished, "TriggerEnvelope" and dualtriggerenvelope... but certainly not plagarism!

Another trick: you can edit the table's value while playing: it adds "variety", smile.

ok, i'll start the buglist:
it assumes whole note length measures (4/4) when calculating 'bars'...outta bite the bullet and look up time sig and do dah math to get the correct time in millseconds for whatever time sig.

it *could* trigger on *any* value of
midi control values or midinotes , not just nonzero,
or offer that as an option. Especially for control values,
it's nice to be able to tap the controller in any state and have it trigger.


This is referred to in the field as 'requirements gathering'..go ahead, tell me how you like it....
the worst I could do is laff at the difficulty..;-)


jeez, i'm a crank., ok, it's working better now,
TRANCE OUT - or whatever.

hint, manual slightly adjust the tempo of
one of them running same pattern
at (near) the same rate: cool phasing patterns.

I like it better than most arppegiators, and I've played a few

The 'bugs' are almost all initialization errors. Feel free to fix, I am currently *very* busy fixing a multibillion dollar property insurance codebase, sigh.
The device's bugs are clearly related to inadequate initialization of values. I will fix eventually: BUT we need better programmers in the MAX world, SO I left the code broken to try and get some kid (i'm >50 yo) to learn and fix. Since we're a nation of lazy "bastiges", I'm not holding my breath. Will check out the initialization soon.