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Name | Version: TableArp 1.01
Author: josquin2000
Device Type: MIDI Effect
Description: Two Arpeggiators driven by a set of 16 tables, with individual speeds set metrically or not. input can be polyphonic or cycled through monophonically (as in simple note first arp), then that input is transposed by the next value from one of 16 editable tables

bugfix 01 - presets should work now...saves json file: cool, human editable, and includes all tabl data , smile!


Live Version Used: 8.1.1
Max Version Used:
Date Added: Dec 29 2009 19:33:53
Date Last Updated: Jan 10 2010 10:48:16
Downloads: 8401
License: AttributionShareAlike
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Device File: TableArp.amxd


very useful!!! thanks for sharing
That is what we need!
A bit buggy for the moment, but when it works, it s just brilliant.
I'm gonna try to mke a bu report.

The 'bugs' are almost all initialization errors. Feel free to fix, I am currently *very* busy fixing a multibillion dollar property insurance codebase, sigh.
The device's bugs are clearly related to inadequate initialization of values. I will fix eventually: BUT we need better programmers in the MAX world, SO I left the code broken to try and get some kid (i'm >50 yo) to learn and fix. Since we're a nation of lazy "bastiges", I'm not holding my breath. Will check out the initialization soon.
jeez, i'm a crank., ok, it's working better now,
TRANCE OUT - or whatever.

hint, manual slightly adjust the tempo of
one of them running same pattern
at (near) the same rate: cool phasing patterns.

I like it better than most arppegiators, and I've played a few
Another trick: you can edit the table's value while playing: it adds "variety", smile.
thanks for sharing

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