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Devices by jaspermarsalis

jTap Version 3.2
jBi-Phase Version 2.6
j11-tone-Resonator Version 1.0
jMackie Feedback Version 2.2
jKnob Version 1.6
jLeslie Version 2.4
jPalme Version 1.2
jDisperser3 Version 1.1
jBBL Version 1.4
j90 Version 1.1

Total Downloads: 5,533

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fixed now!!!!! sorry y'all! :-S

fixed now!!!!! sorry y'all! :-S

fixed now!!!!! sorry y'all! :-S

Amazing synth! However the LFO won't 'start' when reloaded until the parameter is moved. Maybe you could take a look if you have some spare time. Best, Jasper