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Name | Version: j90 1.2
Author: jaspermarsalis
Device Type: Audio Effect
Description: Phaser based on the MXR Phase 45/90/100

fb: feedback
#: number of stages 2=45 (1 notch) 4=90 (2 notches) 6=100 (3 notches)
mix: dry wet balance
ɸ: phase of right lfo
shp: lfo shape
thrb: attenuates lfo at higher speeds.

special thanks Electrosmash


Change Log

sloped sine lfo
lfo light
corrected lfo freq curve
mix changed to cosine interp

tri wave from filtered square


jMedia 2023


Live Version Used: 11.3.13
Max Version Used: 8.5.6
Date Added: Aug 18 2023 15:13:52
Date Last Updated: Jan 09 2024 04:19:46
Downloads: 598
License: None
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Device File: j90 v1.2.amxd


Thanks, this sounds really great!
It would be a lot more useful if there was finer control than 1-10 and it really could use a Mix parameter.
Maybe make the ^ go from 0 (No Wet) to 5 (50/50) to 10 (100% wet). But again, it sounds excellent!

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