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About incandescent: A music making enthusiast from Tunisia; as much into modal jazz as into FM synthesis.

Being an experienced Live user, i now got into making the M4L devices i wish i had before learning Max.

You can email me for any suggestion.
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Devices by incandescent

Clip Rec Length Single Instance Version 1.0
Clip Rec Length Version 1.1
Tremolo Version 1.0
Sequence8 Version 1.01
ThreshEnv Version 1.0

Total Downloads: 1,014

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Hi @Kartoushh
The Sequence8 just wont do that sorry :/ You can still jump to step 3 by clicking the 3rd step value, its behaviour when doing so is well documented in the Device Reference (downloadable from the gumroad main page)
I hope this helps,

@memestreak I like the idea! That's definitely a feature I'll add on the next update. For now you can try automating the parameters loop Offset or maybe mapping it to a midi controller or a m4l device...

@elrondubbard Thank you for appreciating my work! I also think that it is a very powerful sequencer; Please feel free to send me anything creative you make with, I'm genuinely interested in how people would use it.

Alright folks I have now added PayPal.
I hope you like the device, please email me if there's any issue with it.

@wallace Yes! That's actually the reason i made this device haha (since i didn't find any easy way to do automatic swells with my guitar in Live)

@kryson Thank you!!

Alright it shouldnt be a problem anymore in V1.01

@mi666 hi there! The sequence8 doesn't change parameters values "on it's own" like an LFO would, but rather with a sequence put by the user; and the sequencer must be running (either with play/pause or with the On/Off toggle) for it to go through the sequence.
Try pressing the Rand button (after mapping a parameter), and then play in Ableton.
If this doesn't help you, please tell me how exactly the device is not behaving as expected.
All the best

@AYA Thank you so much for appreciating my work!!

@connorpogue Yes it works perfectly with the Max Api DevicePreseter

@ecologist9 My pleasure