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Devices by altarofwisdom

Sample Delay Version 1.4
AutoPlay Version 3.3.0
AutoGlitch Version 1.1
Lord of the Knobs Version 1.1
AutoGate Version 2.1
AutoGrid Version 1.8
AutoGrid - MIDI Edition Version 1.8
D1630 Frequency Shifted Delay Version 1.0.3
Envelooper Version 1.6.2
Velo2Rand Version 1.0
ShimmerHole Version 1.0.3
GrainTable Version 0.6.1
MultiOscillo Version 1.2
MultiLFO Version 1.6.2
Always At End Version 1.0
Tritium Version 2.0

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Comments by altarofwisdom


Yes, video will be public in two hours only, it has been scheduled 😉

Sure, be sending a link to your email short'y

Dear Amiros,

Not sure why you would want an old obsolete version of the device, can you explain your need?

@pluto just added the possibility to freeze the random engine, to generate a "seed" for it or to get back to a saved seed to put the engine back into a previous state. Hope you'll like it !

@pluto, thanks for your comment and support !
for option 1 it's going to be quite difficult, as for now I don't record the pllayed sequence whatsoever, need to think about a way to loop it, but I'll definitely have a look at that
for option 2 you mean having a "passthrough" option for each channel so it plays whatever is happening for the rest and audio is sent to the effects at the same time, right ?