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Name/Version: MultiLFO 1.6.2
Author: altarofwisdom  
Description: Introducing MultiLFO: Unleash Your Creative Potential with Enhanced LFO Capabilities!

Experience the power of MultiLFO, an incredible evolution of Live's LFO device. I’ve packed MultiLFO with a host of exciting new features, giving you unparalleled control and flexibility in your workflow. Let's dive into what MultiLFO brings to the table:

1. Triple the LFOS, Triple the Possibilities: Say goodbye to limitations! MultiLFO boasts not one, but three independent LFOS, each with its own unique characteristics. Seamlessly switch between them with the convenient selector, allowing you to explore endless sonic landscapes.

2. Self-Modulation for Mind-Blowing Shapes: Prepare to be amazed! MultiLFO introduces self-modulation capabilities, enabling for exampleLFO2 to control the speed of LFO1. Unleash a world of weird and wonderful shapes, taking your sound design to new heights.

3. Boosted Sine LFO: I’ve supercharged the Sine LFO by adding a hard sync parameter. Now you can interrupt the sine wave in the middle of a period or fit more sines into one period, opening up a world of rhythmic possibilities.

4. Pulse Width Control for Square LFO: Take control of your steps! MultiLFO introduces a pulse width parameter for the square LFO. Adjust the duration of each step, allowing for shorter or longer bursts of modulation at maximum value.

5. Envelope Follower for Dynamic Modulation: Introducing the envelope follower, a game-changer in dynamic modulation. Trigger the LFO based on input volume or a sidechain, with configurable attack and release settings. Experience the magic as your sound comes to life in response to your playing.

6. "Drunk" LFO Modes: Get ready for controlled randomness! MultiLFO offers "drunk" LFO modes, delivering random values with small, subtle movements. With the follower engaged, you can choose to follow the envelope from the middle value or from zero, providing even more creative possibilities.

7. Gaussian Drunk Mode: Add a touch of unpredictability! The Gaussian drunk mode generates regular small jumps and occasional big leaps, all with a customizable amplitude. Embrace the unexpected and let your creativity thrive.

8. Fine-Tuned Random Mode: Explore the full spectrum of randomness! MultiLFO introduces a specific random mode that allows for smooth morphing between complete randomness and a more structured Gaussian random pattern. Tailor the distribution of values to suit your needs.

9. Extended Rate Range: Break free from limitations! With the LFO rate multiplier, you can achieve higher rates beyond the original 40 Hz. Push the boundaries of modulation speed and explore new rhythmic territories.

10. Personalize Your Sound: Embrace sonic transformation! MultiLFO introduces per-parameter transformation curves, offering logarithmic to exponential options. Shape your sound with precision and create unique textures.

11. Enhanced Binary Mode: Fine-tune your triggers! Binary mode allows you to select how often 1 values are triggered, giving you precise control over modulation patterns. From never to always, the choice is yours.

12. Intuitive Display Enhancements: I’ve revamped the LFO display to provide a more accurate visual representation. The graph now takes into account the min, max, and curve values of the first target parameter, ensuring a clearer and more intuitive experience. Adjust the display line width to suit your preferences.

13. Smoothing Perfection: MultiLFO takes smoothing to the next level. Enjoy control over a full period of the LFO, providing seamless transitions and eliminating abrupt changes. Fine-tune your modulation with precision and finesse.

14. Intelligent Syncing: Say goodbye to phase jumps! The LFO in sync mode will always strive to maintain synchronization, without any disruptive phase shifts. This feature is especially useful for modulating filter jumps while ensuring a smooth transition back to sync. Adjust the phase slide parameter to control the speed of resynchronization. Need instant sync? Simply press the SYNC button for immediate quantized synchronization.

15. Quantization : I’ve added that missing feature that will allow you to downsample the output values from full resolution to a mere min/max jump for nice sounding stepped jumps of the modulated target.

16. Streamlined Performance: I've worked tirelessly to optimize MultiLFO's CPU usage without compromising on its incredible feature set. Enjoy the enhanced capabilities of MultiLFO without any additional overhead. It takes only around three times the resources of a normal LFO, ensuring a seamless and efficient experience.

Experience the next level of modulation with MultiLFO. Elevate your sound design, unlock new creative possibilities, and take control of your music like never before. Get ready to shape your sonic landscape with precision, finesse, and boundless creativity.


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Tags lfo
Live Version Used: 11.1
Max Version Used: 8.3.0
Date Added: Feb 08 2023 15:54:19
Date Last Updated: Aug 29 2023 11:10:33
Device Type: audio_device
Download URL (report link)
License (more info): Commercial

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