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Modified MIDI Sample and Hold Version 1.0
Clip Controls Version 1.4.1
MIDI Octaver Version 1.0
Tempo Rounder Version 1.1
Auto-Clicker Version 1.0
Transport Audio Trigger Version 1.1
Sine Bleep Version 1.0

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I don't think this is doable at all, unfortunately.
I've been looking around for documentation but I'm not optimistic I can pull that off... sorry :/

Hey @pluto

I'm not sure to understand:

You would like, to send a trigger to the S&H in a loop?
So it generates a random note every half, 1 or 2 bars?

If so, you can simply use a Lfo to do that!

If you want the Lfo to only start taking effect when you press a certain note, you can automate the bypass through clip automation

Did I miss anything?

Well, I first design Devices for my own use case, then share them with the world!
And I almost never use the session view, to be honest. Except for producing live sessions or drafting ideas real quick using loops ^^'

But of course, I wanna make them useful for as many people as possible so this will definitely be a nice addition!



FYI, so you know the reason why it is the way it is:
Arrangement clips and Session Clips are two different things in M4L.
To make it work in session view, I will have to create the exact patch I use to detect "which Arrangement Clip is currently selected" but for Session Clip instead, and add some detection of what view you are using right now to choose between the two or something like that.

Nothing super complicated but I didn't take the time to do it beforehand :)

Okay, I should have written this somewhere in the description:
It only works in arrangement view for now :)

I'll work towards making it session view compatible at some point.


Okay, weird...

It was developed on an M1 Mac so I'm confident there is no correlation there l.
When you have a moment, can you send me an email with a couple screenshot by any chance?

Hey! I just released a quick update on the device, can you download it and tell me whether it solved anything for you please?




It seems very tricky at first glance to get the arrangement automation working, but I'll have a real shot at it don't worry.

Hey Torley, thank you for your comment :3

I'll take a look at it thank you for the feedback, I didn't do much testing before publishing it so any report like yours is more than welcome. :)

I haven't really played around with color themes too much I must admit, I'll look it up and try to come up with a solution!

I love UI design and it breaks my heart to hear that some users may have a hard time reading it :o

I'll be sure to get back to you when all of that is fixed


Oh! Does it really?

I'm very new to Max so I don't know what's going on... :(
I tried downloading the device from this very page and it works just fine for me :/

Sorry about the late answer as well, I wasn't really expecting anyone to comment ahahah ^^'

Let me knoe if you found what was causing the issue!

Hi there! Thank you for making this device :)

I modified it a little bit to suit my needs, adding the possibility to influence the output value with the input MIDI Note if anyone is interested :)

All the best :)