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Name/Version: Clip Controls 1.4.1
Author: Yogen  
Description: Take control over the selected clip's main parameters through mappable buttons and UI elements!

You can therefore map these controls to any [key] or [midi], directly from Ableton Live.

To use the device, just add the Max for Live - Audio Effect "Clip Controls" to any Audio Track (like your Master Track for example). Then map your [key] or [midi] controls and start using them on any selected audio clip.

Thank you for trying out my device :D



-Device now fully functional and stable
-Now also works in Session View

Device Details

Tags utility
Live Version Used: 11.3.3
Max Version Used: 8.5.4
Date Added: Aug 10 2022 15:07:19
Date Last Updated: Jul 05 2023 12:40:04
Device Type: audio_device
Download URL (report link)
License (more info): None


Yogen, thank you for making this :D What a cool implementation of a neat idea!

I'm trying it and notice a couple things:

(1) The center Pitch wheel text is hard to read with some Live themes, including 3rd-party ones. But try the built-in Dark theme and have a look? Maybe if this used the current theme's colors instead of its own color values it'd contrast more highly and fit in better?

(2) I can't seem to record and playback automation successfully. If I record automation, then it triggers the "Re-Enable Automation" button. If I click it to go away, then it just gets enabled when I play the clip with the automation again. Any way to deal with this?

Hey Torley, thank you for your comment :3

I'll take a look at it thank you for the feedback, I didn't do much testing before publishing it so any report like yours is more than welcome. :)

I haven't really played around with color themes too much I must admit, I'll look it up and try to come up with a solution!

I love UI design and it breaks my heart to hear that some users may have a hard time reading it :o

I'll be sure to get back to you when all of that is fixed


@Yogen It's good to hear back from you, thanks for the updates. Yeah I'd ? to know when you've had a chance to improve that, and let me know if you get record and playback of automation working. I haven't seen a solution for easy arrangement manipulation of those clip controls yet, so you're onto something special here...


It seems very tricky at first glance to get the arrangement automation working, but I'll have a real shot at it don't worry.

Hi Yogen, this is a brilliant idea but I'm struggling to get it to work. Is there any kind of tutorial? The device has no effect on any of my clips. I haven't tried a midi controller as yet but key mapping to parameters on the device isn't helping, neither is using the mouse. The selected audio clip remains unchanged. Thanks!

Hey! I just released a quick update on the device, can you download it and tell me whether it solved anything for you please?



Hi Yogen. Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. I'm afraid not though... I'm on an M1 silicon macbook, just in case that has any bearing on things. Thanks!

Okay, weird...

It was developed on an M1 Mac so I'm confident there is no correlation there l.
When you have a moment, can you send me an email with a couple screenshot by any chance?

Thanks Yogen, emailing you now. I've found something strange now though: it works with clips in the arrangement view but not the session view. Hope I didn't misunderstand the point of the device but it would be most useful in using it with session clips rather than arrangement!

Okay, I should have written this somewhere in the description:
It only works in arrangement view for now :)

I'll work towards making it session view compatible at some point.


FYI, so you know the reason why it is the way it is:
Arrangement clips and Session Clips are two different things in M4L.
To make it work in session view, I will have to create the exact patch I use to detect "which Arrangement Clip is currently selected" but for Session Clip instead, and add some detection of what view you are using right now to choose between the two or something like that.

Nothing super complicated but I didn't take the time to do it beforehand :)

ah ok, thanks Yogen. I'd definitely upvote the idea of a session clip version! Much more useful for what ableton is really good at (live performance and manipulating stuff on the fly). Thanks for the good work.

Well, I first design Devices for my own use case, then share them with the world!
And I almost never use the session view, to be honest. Except for producing live sessions or drafting ideas real quick using loops ^^'

But of course, I wanna make them useful for as many people as possible so this will definitely be a nice addition!



of course, you have to follow your own interests! If I was better at max I would adapt your patch myself but I'm still pretty stoopid about it:). Thanks for the work so far.

@Yogen Any update on getting arrangement automation working? :D


I don't think this is doable at all, unfortunately.
I've been looking around for documentation but I'm not optimistic I can pull that off... sorry :/

@Yogen Ah dang! Seemed like something that should've been easier, would've made this a lot easier to use with automation. Appreciate you investigating.

One suggestion is to add a button to open the device in a floating window so that it's easier to to use when it's placed on the master track and can control clips anywhere in the arrangement view.

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