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About RobertSchulz: Hello, everyone. My Name is Robert Alexander Schulz. I like to make some totally brand new house music in Ableton Live and like to have no limits on that, when i´ve got an idea. So on, i have fun to create some totally new M4L-devices, which gave the weapon to do so.
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Devices by RobertSchulz

Ableton Clock Version 1.0
Noise Please Version 1.0
Remote Access for Free Version 0.1
Mormos Pitch Drop Version 2.0
Note-Off Killer Version 0.1 Direct Access Version 0.1
Extreme Delay for Audio Version 1.0
Extreme Delay for MIDI Version 1.0
Audio EQ.maxsnip Version 1.0
Apple Help for Ableton Live Version 0.1
Remote Access Version 1.0
BEAP-midisynth Version 0.1
BEAP-seqsynth.maxsnip.amxd Version 0.1
Gigaverb Version 1.0
bp.Flanger.maxpat.amxd Version 0.1
bp.VBWBP.maxpat.amxd Version 0.1
bp.MMF.maxpat.amxd Version 0.1
bp.Triple Morphing Filter.maxpat.amxd Version 0.1
bp.Spectral Image Filter.maxpat.amxd Version 0.1
bp.Spectral Filter.maxpat.amxd Version 0.1
bp.MFFB.maxpat.amxd Version 0.1
bp.LPF.maxpat.amxd Version 0.1
bp.LadderFilter.maxpat.amxd Version 0.1
bp.HPF.maxpat.amxd Version 0.1
bp.DiodeLadderFilter.maxpat.amxd Version 0.1
bp.Comb Filter.maxpat.amxd Version 0.1
bp.Retuner.maxpat.amxd Version 0.1
bp.Freeverb.maxpat.amxd Version 0.1
bp.Compressor.maxpat.amxd Version 0.1
bp.Reverb1.maxpat.amxd Version 0.1
bp.Reverb2.maxpat.amxd Version 0.1
bp.32-band analysis.maxpat.amxd Version 0.1
bp.FrequencyShifter.maxpat.amxd Version 0.1
bp.CrazyVocoder.maxpat.amxd Version 0.1
bp.Waveshaper.maxpat.amxd Version 0.1
bp.Folder.maxpat.amxd Version 0.1
bp.Table.maxpat.amxd Version 0.1
bp.Wavefolder.maxpat.amxd Version 0.1
bp.VoltMeter.maxpat.amxd Version 0.1
bp.Value.maxpat.amxd Version 0.1
bp.Spectral.maxpat.amxd Version 0.1
bp.Scope.maxpat.amxd Version 0.1
bp.History.maxpat.amxd Version 0.1
bp.GLScope.maxpat.amxd Version 0.1
bp.BigSpectral.maxpat.amxd Version 0.1
bp.BigScope.maxpat.amxd Version 0.1
bp.SmoothDelay.maxpat.amxd Version 0.1
bp.Chorus.maxpat.amxd Version 0.1
PianoPlayer Version 1.0
Pink Noise Version 0.1
White Noise Version 0.1
sonicbloomer Version 0.1
Pro Delay Version 1.2.0
Simple Pitch Shifter Version 2.0

Total Downloads: 11,600

Comments by RobertSchulz


this is awesome man. thank you so much for it.

ok. got it.

Hi Tom,

At the first sight of the patch it seems for me that this is only executable on Mac Systems.

If not, where can i find the aka.keyboard object?

Without this object the purpose of this device doesn´t get fulfilled.

Cool idea.

simple is often the best;-)

Nice Device! Feature Request: Can I trigger the Reset-Button with any MIDI-Note?

Amazing device. This feature is so appreciated. Want to buy it.

Do you got any informations if this also works in Live 9?
Otherwise I´ll just test it asap.

Nice one. I will try this out asap.

thanks for your interest, i´ve forgot to say in the first post.

Hello Saulk!

yes, I want to do a tutorial about this device as soon as possible. What would you like to see especially in the video?

one thing more: it would be the best thing if the parameters could be stored in .adv- and .adg-files.

excellent device. thanks a lot for sharing.

why don´t make an updated version with all necessary files in?

Would be nice if the waveform would be able to save in .adv-files.

i can´t get a sound of it, doesn´t matter if i tweak every knob. Do i somethin wrong or is a patchcord of the device corrupt? I tried it using in Live 9.7.


Very cool and handy if it works tight.

Massive amazing idea.

Wow. I´m very impressed with your work on this simple-seeming device.

This one is for Logic Pro Users. :-)

But you can do so also with the "+" and "-" keys. What is it about with the Sens.-Sliders as well as the difference between contract and collapse and contract and collapse for all?