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Name | Version: Mormos Pitch Drop 2.0
Author: RobertSchulz
Device Type: Audio Effect
Description: Devoted to the big Mormo with his legendary Pitch Drop device.

Something what has disturbed me by the working with the original Pitch Drop device was the restriction to 2 seconds in time for pitch to have been droped.

Now you can create pitch drops of incoming audio until over 10 Minutes.

Have Fun.


Live Version Used: 9.7.6
Max Version Used: 7.3.5
Date Added: Apr 27 2018 18:06:46
Date Last Updated: Apr 27 2018 18:10:46
Downloads: 5739
License: AttributionNonCommercial
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Device File: Mormo´s Pitch Drop 2.amxd


The original was the best (and most reliable) pitch drop device around, so an update with a ludicrous 10 minute max length is pretty exciting. A ramp up would be nice, too, but I know that's a different mechanism altogether (and one that would likely be impossible with a length of that much).

Thanks for the update!

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