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Name | Version: Remote Access 1.0
Author: RobertSchulz
Device Type: Audio Effect
Description: Remote Access is a Max-for-Live-Device which is designed to jump over a terrific step, when mixing music and especially to adjust track parameter over and over again which lays places from your actual setting of making music away and after you had to navigate to that special parameter, it has costs you a lot of time, nerves and nevertheless creativity, too.

With this device you can control track parameters from other tracks directly from the device chain you´re working on (more photos under the link below).

You also got the ability to use Remote Access as separated floating window and place it wherever you want on your desktop. ( I recommend this works best when you using Live in Full Screen Mode.)

What does the device exactly?

The device is mainly designed to tweak track mixer parameters from your current selected track (the track you´re working on). The GUI is divided into three areas: The Track-Area, which is ment for usual Audio-and Midi-Tracks, the Master-Area, which is ment for the Master Track and the Return-Area, which is given for toggling Return-Track mixer parameters and states.

You can mute, solo, arm, pan, adjust the volume and the sends for a chosen track which is selected with the Track Selector.

The Track-Selector is given on usual Audio-or Instrument-Tracks as dial or slider. The dial is easier to use when you like to tweaking with mouse or touchpad. the slider I personally use more to type in directly the number of the track, which you wish to change its parameters or to look on which track i am operating with this device.

If you don´t like to ever targeting you desired track with the slider or the dial, than you can just click on the “next” and “prev”-buttons, which steps you one track for-or backwards in track count.

You can also change the input and the output of a track by remote using.

Select the Send-Knob you wish to tweak with the Send-dial and than adjusting the amount of send-signal which should go into the relative return-track.

You can also jump or set the focus from your actual track to that desired track, by clicking on the “Select *Track”-button.

The “Select *Track”-button itself has two functions of its own. you can use it as a button (which makes more sense when inserting Remote Access in the device chain) or as a toggle (which is great for use when you placed the floating window on screen).

The development of this device isn´t finished at all. with the time i want to increase functionality because I also use this device for my own productions.

All future updates are for free for those who bought a licence once.

With the licence comes automatically support from me if you got questions, bugs or any feature wishes for future updates.

it costs 0.99$.

the device has a size of 874.8 KByte.


Live Version Used: 9.7.7
Max Version Used: 7.3.5
Date Added: Jul 11 2018 15:59:42
Date Last Updated: Jul 11 2018 22:26:59
Downloads: 1
License: Commercial
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ive bought this but a few things still dont work, for example the pan for master and sends does not react when i dial them on the remote device. is it because i have to "activate" the device first? since i received a license key. but where do i have to "enter" the license key? could you please give instructions?
hello? not even answering my emails but thx for taking my money first...

let me quote from the above Description: "...With the licence comes automatically support from me if you got questions, bugs..."

i've bought the device, have written my bug report here (two above posts) plus emailed the dev. no reaction whatsoever. plz m4l could you at least flag this dev as "not trustworthy".

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