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About NoraPatches: Hello,

I am relatively new to Max 8 and I mainly focus on creating MIDI CC and MIDI SysEx hardware editors.

My devices are developed in Max 8.1.8 on macOS 10.14.6.

Other than creating devices I am producing goa trance and psybient/downtempo music
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Devices by NoraPatches

Korg Minilogue Editor PRO Version 2.0.1
Makrologue hardware editor BETA Version 0.9
N-SEQ beta Version 0.5
KORG Volca FM SysEx Editor Version 1.0
Arturia MicroFreak Editor BETA Version 2.0.1
Behringer Neutron System Control Version 1.1
KORG Monologue Editor Version 1.0
MicroFreak version II PRO Version 2.1
Korg Monologue Editor PRO Version 2.3
Touchpad DJ Version 1.0 Version 2.2
Wyndd Version 1.0
UGX-1 Version 1.0
GuitarChord Version 1.0
impkt Version 1.0

Total Downloads: 1,196

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Thanks for leaving a comment, I checked my mailbox and I found your mail that was redirected to spam due to the link :( I'm going through it now and will reply shortly :)

Thank you for supporting my work with your purchase!

I think exporting a full patch dump would be available via a SysEx command, but unfortunately my plugin doesn't support SysEx yet, it's a plan for the future though.

I'm confused on how do they do it, I think there could be some hard mapping to the synth, but the plugin somehow has to read the MIDI from the synthesiser. Could you please name some of these devices so I could investigate further? :)
Please leave a comment or e-mail me at norapatches at icloud dotcom!

use [ctlin] and [ctlout] together with the MIDI CC number you wish to use i.e. [ctlin 29] and [ctlout 29], this way if you insert for example a [live.dial] in between, you can monitor MIDI in and send MIDI out at the same time
I already achieved this in my "Microfreak PRO" editor, this beta is dicontinued

Hi @Khefera
According to pajen (the creator of the fw1.09) there is a new menu item while turning on the volca fm while holding FUNC, please try both the “Yamaha” mode and the “volca” modes.
P.S. soon the version II Pro is coming out as well, with window GUI and sysex load/ave functions, it’s a matter of weeks now!

@alexv860 fw 2.0.2

It should be embedded here and over the external link (both free) as well. Please check via external link too!

@epb123 thank you! in a future update I'll create a randomiser for the device :)

@beathaven unfortunately I did not find any MIDI implementation chart for the K2 online, neither do I own that gear, but I'll keep searching! If there is a manual, I can build a device for it! :) P.S. I'm a dudette! :)

@Crampe I'll definitely check out your device, I wasn't aware of it before
I was just having enough of the secondary functions hiding on the hardware and kept forgetting how to turn them on/off so I followed the user manual and built this patch :)

Hey there, awesome device, works perfectly fine here! Ableton Live 10.1 Max 8.1.0

UODATE: I think I know what can be your issue: the Volca FM has to have FW v1.0.9 installed, because it seems that only the SysEx parameter changes are not working for you, only MIDI CC changes.

The official v1.0.7 FW doesn't let you modulate the individual SysEx parameters, only a bulk dump (working on it already btw)

Hello there,
I am unsure about this version issue, I haven't used any objects that would not have existed in Max7 as to my best knowledge.

In the .amxd format I have hidden the MIDI device selector umernu object, due to device automatically sending midiout to the same track it is on, in Ableton.

Do you experience this issue when running from Ableton or from Max7?
If you use it from Max7, scroll a bit down in the editor window to see MIDI selector umenu object, maybe that helps!
If you open the device in Max7

Hello, will it work with apc20 as well?