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PitchBender Version 1.0
Figurator Version 1.0
RiffBeast Version 1.0
Morph Version 1.0
Converge Version 1.0
ChordClipper Version 1.0
GridGroover Version 1.0
ArpKrafter Version 1.0
MapKrafter Version 1.0
Kontrol Version 1.0
StageView Version 1.0

Total Downloads: 1,025

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This is great ScruffyFox! I've learnt everything about M4L and coding in general from tutorials like this so I'm chuffed you used my device :)

Hi Vandeaux,
Sorry to hear you're having trouble. Have you got two different clips with notes in them? The time/pitch methods could produce similar results depending on the note patterns.

You are quite right Braduro - one of my goals was to make something that stopped my writers block whenever I opened up Ableton. Even if I don't use all the new clips as a transition/bridge, I still have some various new rhythms and melodies that I would't normally be able to create.

Hi braduro,
Thanks for the feedback on my devices, much appreciated!

Just because you asked, I've added a bundle donation option here:

I created these patches simply as a hobby and challenge for myself and never intended to make a commercial enterprise out of it. It certainly takes some time and perseverance so I have really appreciated the support and donations people have made.

Yes, this device is certainly more of an oddity. It was really a stepping stone to creating the Morph patch. It will probably be more use musically when playing the clips in reverse order - from the converged notes to the melody.