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Name/Version: RiffBeast 1.0
Author: JimmyBollox  
Description: RiffBeast generates notes and writes them to a MIDI clip. A slider changes how 'tame' or 'wild' the note patterns are. The scale and pitch range can also be set by the user.

When a MIDI clip is highlighted in Live's Session view, RiffBeast overwrites any existing notes when generating a new riff. This allows RiffBeast to be used 'on the fly' to create new patterns while playing live. If no clip is selected, a new 1-bar MIDI clip is created.

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Tags sequencer, utility, other
Live Version Used: 9.2
Max Version Used: 7.0.5
Date Added: Sep 19 2015 08:00:22
Date Last Updated: May 19 2020 11:05:54
Device Type: midi_device
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License (more info): AttributionShareAlike


I'm going to individually comment here, because all of these MIDI manipulations are very thoughtful niche tools. In general, I could see how easy it would be to find the sweet spot with the settings and dedicated just a simple button to do some real magic in a live production. Couple that with just some cursors for moving around the session grid...

How does this one sound from one end of the spectrum to the other? Does the "wild" impact leaps? Chromatic embellishments? Erratic/"drunken" change in direction? Tame being, steps and passing notes, in key, correcting course with movement in the opposite direction after leaps? Is this an acid-inspired set of sequences?

Hi braduro,
Thanks for the feedback on my devices, much appreciated!

This is great device when your inspiration is fixated. Some amazing notes and lines can be generated. Very good....

Great device. I liked it using for hats or percussion. When you set range to 0 and just use C3 you get pretty good grooves.

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