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Alesis DM Lite HiHat Fix Version 1.01
Musical Sub-Genre Name Generator Version 1.0
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Dubby 2 - Dub Siren Version 2.1
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Note Mod Version 1.0
Video Scratcher Version 1.1

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Got it. I'll have a look now and email you back :)


In the sequence you have running on the Minilogue, is this just notes or are some parameters being sequenced through Motion Control too?

I can't replicate this problem myself but I'm just wondering whether the Motion Control sequence and the stuff you're automating in Ableton is 'clashing' somehow?

If this isn't the problem, could you maybe send me a short video showing the strange behaviour? If you'd like to email it to me:, I'll see what I can suggest. :)

Hi eport,

You should still be able to drag and drop a folder of videos instead of a folder of images into the device and it'll work. I've tried it just now with a folder of .mov files.

The only problem is the video won't be playing and will only show a still image.

To fix this, open up the device in Max4Live and find the two objects.

In each one change the @autostart 0 attribute to @autostart 1.

Then freeze the device and save it.

This has now been fixed and v2.0.1 is now available to download. :)

Changing Bank / Program through clip parameters should also be working properly now.

No worries. Glad you like it! :)

Just been working on it now and it's starting to behave itself. I'll probably have to lose the arrow buttons as it's mainly these that are causing the problem. The Bank / Program change problem via Ableton's clip parameters will likely remain the same but you should at least be able to use automation properly once I've fixed everything.

If you'd like to test the version I'm working on, please feel free to email me at and I'll send you a version you can use before I upload it.

Yes, I'm getting this too. Thanks for letting me know. :)

Also when alternating between the preset select dial and the forward/backward preset select buttons, the Minilogue will not necessarily switch to the preset number reported on the device.

I remember at the time having to botch things a little by having to use +1 and -1 to get the preset number sent from the Minilogue to display correctly on the device so it's definitely something to do with this.

I'll look at redoing this whole section because it's all a bit shonky as it stands!

@aaarco Hmm… Not sure I can actually fix this, I’m afraid. The problem comes with dealing with two program / bank change messages at the same time. One from the Minilogue and one from the Clip. I can’t get the two to play nicely together. 

All I can suggest is to turn the device off if you really need to use Program & Bank change messages from the clip. The other alternative is to automate the ‘Bank’ and ‘Program’ parameters on the device through the clip's automation lanes and make program changes from the clip that way.

If anyone else knows how to fix this, I’d very much appreciate it!

@aaarco Ah, I hadn't noticed that. Thank you. Yes, this is a bug I can replicate and I think I know what the problem is. I'll hopefully get this fixed and uploaded in the next day or two.

@halffish - Oh, yes please! That would be amazing, thank you! :)

I got as far as getting the program dump into Max (and converting from hex to decimal) but just couldn't work out from the long list of numbers which parameters were actually being affected. So yeah, having some Javascript that converts the sysex to MIDI CC would be a massive help to me.

I was really struggling with this and I'd love to incorporate your work into the device if you're happy for me to use it. If you'd like to send me the patch and JS file, my email address is


Thank you, I'm glad you like it! :)

They are already assigned so you don't need to map anything. Just make sure that the track the device is on is set to 'All Ins' or to the MIDI port and channel that you use for the Minilogue. Also make sure record is armed on that track. The dials on the device will then move as you move them on the Minilogue.

+1 for a demo video please.

This is definitely something I'm interested in and I'm happy to pay if it can do what I'm hoping it can do. Just need to see it in action first! :)

Cheers @pierluigigubello! And thanks for the feedback. :)

I've actually been wanting to do the 'dials updating in Ableton' thing for a long time now. It would be so nice just to have the dials update on screen every time you select a new preset on the Minilogue.

Unless I'm missing something though, there's no way around this other than to decipher the long list of numbers the Minilogue spits out when doing a program dump and assign these to dial positions. As far as I know too, you still wouldn't be able to just turn the preset dial on the Minilogue and the device would update. For whatever preset you currently have selected, you'd need to go into the Minilogue's menu, go to Program Edit and select the "program dump' option. Still fiddly but less hassle than touching each dial, one by one!

I'm going to have another look at it over the next few days. See if I can either find an easier way of doing this or learning a bit more about the sysex.


1. I think this is connected with Ableton skin settings. I could replicate your issue when loading the device and changing skin. Perhaps try selecting your Ableton skin again, then reload the device?

2. It's possible, yes, but not with this version. And to do it will require a LOT of extra work on my part! In order to get the dial settings from Minilogue and get them to show on the device, it requires a sysex dump from the Minilogue. This means processing the sysex data and matching this to the corresponding dials. A great deal more work than just mapping CCs/ dials. I hope to do this once I've got my head around how the Minilogue sends sysex data.

@flis - Excellent! Pleased to hear it's working for you now :)


Yeah, it's odd that it's working for your colleague and not you. There's no reason I can think of why it shouldn't be working and this is the only report I've had of this problem.

It's as if there's a connection missing between the 'generate' button and the code that generates the sub-genre ('Italian Aquacrunk' is what the sub-genre field is already populated with before the device starts and it automatically generates a new one).

Again though, I can't think why this connection would be broken, just on one machine and not another.

I guess you've already tried this, but have you downloaded the device again?

Just so I can check, would you be able to post a screen grab of the device opened up in Edit Mode in Max4Live? If you're not sure how to do this though, don't worry! I'll give it some more thought in any case.

No, the sub-genre should change every time you click 'generate'.

Is it just the sub-genre that doesn't change?

What version of Ableton Live are you using?

I'd like to be able to replicate this error myself to see what the problem is...

Thanks jfkiff!

I don't use USB MIDI either (for the same reason as you!) and connect through an ESI M4U XT external device. So it definitely works with a MIDI interface.

Make sure you add an 'External Instrument' device on the same track and set the 'MIDI To' to your interface. Same goes for the 'MIDI From' on your channel.

To prevent MIDI feedback, use a MIDI Filter device (there's one on here if you search for it)

Saving presets is now fixed :)


Sorry, yes, saving presets appears to be broken. It'll get fixed on the next update. The only workaround for now is to save any important presets to the Minilogue itself.

@broah Thank you! I'd never seen the session randomiser device before. It's excellent. Most definitely an added challenge if you combine the two! Now to write some 92bpm Acoustic Breakcore in 7/8 time... :)

rezoneros - You could use the presets storage in the device itself, perhaps? Shift & click to store a preset, Alt & Shift and click to delete and just click the preset to recall it.

When I was testing it, there seems to be a limit in how much can actually be stored without crashing Max. I've had to set a limit on dictionary size because of this.

Hi rettic. Thank you, and sorry for the late reply.

- You can store presets by holding Shift and clicking an empty preset. Delete presets by holding Alt + Shift.

- Only by saving presets first. Clicking a saved preset will send all stored CC MIDI data to your Minilogue.

gburks - You could try this as a workaround:

1. Download the Midi Filter M4L device:

2. Set up your Minilogue as an External Instrument in Live and load the Minilogue Controller device.

3. Place the Midi Filter device after the Minilogue Controller device and set it to filter CC only.

4. Record your automation

5. Remember to turn off the Midi Filter device before playback.

Sorry for the late replies - I don't check this page too often.

bazarbizar - And kudos to you too! Nice work. Now I just need a Monologue! :)

Frequency - I'm sorry, I'm not exactly sure what you mean. I suspect the answer may be no though.

gburks - Good point. I never considered this but can understand the problem it causes when recording automation. I'll need to look into it. I don't think it's possible to disable MIDI CC recording in the clip, by the way.

Hi joplaete. Yes, it'll do that I'm afraid and I'm not sure how to stop it.

Like you, I'd really like a way of having the 'data send' to go the other way (so from the Minilogue into Live) on launch. However, the only option I can see that the Minilogue has is a 'preset dump'. It won't do this automatically, you have to do it through the settings menus. Also, unfortunately, the way the Minilogue does this is through sysex messages. It won't just send the MIDI CC values of whatever preset you're using. Interpreting the sysex data is proving to be a bit of a nightmare.

If I ever get my head around it, I will definitely include this option in a future update.