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Ableton LFMW:
Low Frequency Multi Waveform ge...
FPB Clip to Score 0.5
FPB Clip To Score 0.5

Requires MAX 8, and Bach Package Externals, Made with Ableton Live 12 ...
Polyverse Wider Wrapper1.0
My favorite thing about Max For Live is devices that speed up workflow. Wrappers save you valuable t...
Step Sequence Parameter Mapper1.0
this is a remix of some other device i found here years ago, i wanted several sequencer lanes. hit t...
123 downloads, 2 Comments
SlipnSlider - Random Parameter Fader1.0
this is a weird one, you can map up to 8 parameters and this device will auto fade up down the param...
88 downloads, 0 Comments
Randomizer x81.0
this is a randomizer with 8 mappers. you can randomize with a time sig based off the transport, or y...
93 downloads, 0 Comments
Parameter Random Sequence Generator1.0
this esoteric device generates a random pattern, that is then translated to parameters via mapping. ...
101 downloads, 0 Comments
Multi Parameter Map1.0
i needed a single device that contained many many parameter mapping options. comes in an audio and m...
92 downloads, 0 Comments
Midi Note Generator1.0
this generates and spits out midi notes. you can set the length, probability, speed/rate, etc. see t...
99 downloads, 0 Comments
Midi CC Conversion Utility1.0
converts from 1 midi cc to another. ability to convert multiples ccs at once.. this is included in t...
69 downloads, 0 Comments

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