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DIFF Devices - ASPECT 3 1.0 by DiffDevices
0 Comments effect, other, dj, beta
ASPECT 3 enables you to compare your mix to other mixes with a simple click of the A-B button inside Ableton Live. It is designed to provide you with an easy, elegant workflow. From drag and drop fil... (more info)

14-bit MIDI4Push 0.1 by Sten
59 downloads, 2 Comments utility, hardware, beta, push
Inspired by CC map8. With 14-bit MIDI4Push you can send 14-bit MIDI Control Change messages that can be mapped to the 8 encoders of your Push controller to control external hardware. 14-bit CC messag... (more info)

Audioreactive LFO 1.0 by Supertramp162
135 downloads, 0 Comments lfo, utility, other, beta
I've had a few people ask me about sending this one out, so i thought i'd just post it here if anyone wants to use it. I'm currently in the middle of updating it to react to audio in different ways, a... (more info)

DIFF Devices - SPECTR 3.1 by DiffDevices
3 Comments effect, utility, dj, beta
DIFF Devices - SPECTR 3 SPECTR 3 is a MaxForLive device that give you total control of Ableton Live. 3.1 Release notes - (New) Get Color track for clips - Duplicate Loop (Midi Clips) - Bug Fixes F... (more info)

DIFF Devices - BLEND 1.0 by DiffDevices
2 Comments effect, utility, dj, beta
DIFF Devices - BLEND BLEND is a MaxForLive device that creates the “Sidechain” effect. Sidechain compression is used to rhythmically change the volume of audio channels to provide space and defin... (more info)

ISO 1.01 by AkihikoMatsumoto
1 Comments drum, sequencer, utility, other, dj, beta
13th century style ISO Rhythmic Sequencer for Ableton Live. ver.1.1... Clock divider bug fixed. ISO Rhythm Demo Movie. https://y... (more info)

DrumWand 1.0 by LaidbackPistol
0 Comments utility, other, beta
**DrumWand is a macro edition tool for modifying samples inside an Ableton 11 drum rack. You can inverse, reverse, warp, slice, delete as many samples you want in one click!** How to use: - Add the ... (more info)

Reference AB 2.2 by johndarque
4 Comments utility, beta
Reference AB is an audio device for Ableton Live built in Max4Live by John Darque. It enables you to compare your mix to reference tracks with a simple click of the A|B button. Just put it on your ma... (more info)

UprightPiano 1.0 by PatriceElise
0 Comments sampler, effect, other, beta
This device uses record samples from my 1927 Janssen Upright. It is a full-size 88-key range with a 16-channel Bi-stereo (4-channel) sampler at a 48k/24bit audio quality. Channel mix of a Piano dynami... (more info)

Serrator 1.0 by PatriceElise
0 Comments synth, effect, other, beta
(more info)

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