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JX-8P Synthesizer Programmer 1.0 by MothRetra
0 Comments synth, hardware
Enjoy your JX-8P to the max, with this Max For Live device by Moth Retra. Programming the synth made EASY! FEATURES and BENEFITS of the JX-8P Synthesizer Programmer: Set-up like the PG-800, has the ... (more info)

Ensoniq ESQ Editor 1.0 by adamneddo
60 downloads, 1 Comments hardware
This is a bi-directional patch editor for the Ensoniq ESQ-M (and probably ESQ-1) synthesizer. The editor was designed to be used on its own track, in conjunction with Live's "External Instrument" dev... (more info)

CbElectraOneLogMsgToCc 1.0 by CharlyBeck
46 downloads, 1 Comments other, hardware, beta
This Device receives log messages through Sysex from the Electra One Controller and converts the current page nr or bankNumber into a midi controller event. You can use it, to synchronize the current... (more info)

Boss GT-1 0.1 by fduche
0 downloads, 0 Comments hardware
User patch selector for BOSS GT-1 guitar effect processor. Useful for automation in live performance environment. !! Should be used with running Boss Tone Studio for GT1 Can be easily modified to wor... (more info)

Ensoniq DP4 TeleBrain 1.0 by Harie
0 Comments hardware
A sysex programmer for the 1993 Ensoniq DP/4 parallel effects processor, intended for use in Max for Live. It is built as a more readable interface and recall system for the DP4. Now is possible to s... (more info)

Roland MKS-80 - external Synth controller 1.0 by markusschloesser
78 downloads, 0 Comments hardware, beta
This is a maxforlive device for the Roland MKS-80. With it you can control (nearly) every aspect of the, normally Sysex only, MKS-80 from Live. So you can now automate filter cutoff, tweak Envolopes, ... (more info)

MSC to MIDI for MIDI Go Box Mk2 1.0 by jamieofmck
51 downloads, 0 Comments utility
I bought a MIDI Go Box MK2 second hand which was not set up for Ableton control and it only sent MSC / PC messages. This device converts the sysex MSC messages to MIDI notes for full Ableton control a... (more info)

Midi Fighter Twister - SysEx Explorer 1.0 by Yaul
0 Comments utility, hardware
Format SysEx & configure your DJ TechTools Midi Fighter Twister directly from MaxMSP / MaxForLive. *Changelog* 17 Feb 2022 - version 1 *Description* SysEx format/packet were reversed engineered base... (more info)

fp.waldorfPulse2 2.16 by eltnet
0 Comments utility, hardware, push
Waldorf Pulse 2 Control and Monitor (In & Out) with Arpeggiator & Patterns. SYSEX needs to be enabled for full features. (more info)

Yamaha FB-01 Sysex Programmer 1.0 by mikerugnetta
1 Comments utility, hardware
A sysex programmer for the 1986 Yamaha FB-01 4 operator FM synthesizer. Written in Max and Javascript, intended for use in Max for Live. Includes a preset system for saving patches locally, but is not... (more info)

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