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Name | Version: XP30 Sysex Dump Manager 1.0
Author: dasfaker
Device Type: MIDI Effect
Description: This device is designed to request, send and receive sysex dumps from a external synth (in this case a Roland XP30), and store each dump as a preset in the device.

It will work with any gear capable of transfer sysex data, just change the request messages to match those of your gear.

The only limitation right now is the size of the dump. Maximum size is 32000 bytes (the zl object limit). If anyone is aware of another method to store more data (i'm a noob with m4l) let me know.

To use the device, place it on a midi track and select in MIDI From and MIDI To the port where you connect your gear and arm the track.

Pressing any request button will send the request message to the hardware, and the hardware will respond with the data dump. Once is received, press the button "PRESS WHEN DUMP ENDS". Now it's ready to be stored as a preset.


Live Version Used: 10.0.1
Max Version Used: 7.3.5
Date Added: Jan 06 2019 17:52:42
Date Last Updated: Jan 06 2019 17:57:06
Downloads: 650
License: None
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Device File: XP30 Sysex Dump Manager.amxd


Hi, thank you very much for this utility but when I stored the incoming midi sysex dump to 1 and hit the button the midi out dump progress starts (showing in the window) but there is no recieving at the decice. I did everything like you described before...have you any Idea why it doesn't reach the hardware? Thank you.Martin
Hi Martin
I don't know what cause your issue. Are you sure the data is not reaching the synth? Is your synth able to receive the sysex dump? Are you using a Roland JV-XP synth? So many unknowns.
Hi, I have a similar issue as Martin : I store the midi sysex, but the send fonction to the device doesn't seem to work, even with the correct setting for midi output and channel. My device is a Roland SPD-20 and the message indicating that the sysex dump is in progress doesn't show. Afterwards, I downloaded a midi utility app called SysEx Librarian and that worked like a charm...
Hi Rhinofeross.

As stated in the info, this device is ready for Roland XP/JV synths.

Did you updated the Request sysex messages for your synth? If not, you will need to edit the device and change the Request messages to fit your synth.
amazing tool - works with FB-01 "out of the box"

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