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Name | Version: AI Music Generation - AbleGen 1.3.2
Author: TeamAbleGen
Device Type: Instrument
Description: AbleGen allows you to create unique royalty-free instrumental samples and loops using AI. Describe the music you want with text, and the plugin will generate high-quality stereo audio samples. Samples up to 32 bars can be generated and .wav files are dropped directly into your sample library. AbleGen understands genres, bpm, key signatures, and different instruments.

All generated music is unique, royalty/copyright-free, and can be used in commercial projects. We don't reshuffle or reuse any sample content, it’s 100% generated from scratch based on the text prompt. Each generation is unique, even with the exact same text prompt. When you generate a sample, you will be the only person in the world with the resulting audio file.

Join the discord to chat with our team, ask questions, and meet other members of the community:

Video tutorial for installing and using the plugin, in case you have any trouble:

Feel free to send any support questions or feedback to our Discord (, see our website at, or email us at

Let us know any suggestions or feedback that you have for us! We are a very small team and excited to work with all of you to continue to build this product.

Changes in v1.3.2:
- 20 free monthly generations for new users
- Subscriptions for high-volume generations
- Improved AI understanding of dynamics and song structure (breakdown, buildup, chorus, verse, etc.)
- Added AI understanding of artist and song references
- Stereo audio

Usage notes:
- Currently only works on Mac OS (we're working on this)
- Generation requires a free account setup first via your internet browser (browser will open automatically)
- Currently we only generate instrumentals, not vocals
- Generates music, not sound effects (e.g. not clapping, dog growls, etc.)
- Solo instruments may require a few tries to get isolated instrument audio (try generating it a few times including text commands like "solo" or "no other instruments")


Live Version Used: 10.1.18
Max Version Used: 8.1.5
Date Added: Jan 17 2024 00:37:34
Date Last Updated: Mar 19 2024 21:56:16
Downloads: 3024
License: None
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Device File: ablegen-v1.3.2.amxd


At first after loading this new version when my web browser opened to link up, it quickly flashed an error "cannot have more than 3 codes per user", this screen only lasted a split second, then landed on a page that didn't have any clear direction of what to do or how to fix. After refreshing and using the back button a few times, I landed at a screen that asked me if I wanted to disconnect all codes from user. I did that but it looks like I lost the 100 free credits you awarded me previously in the process.
Thanks for the heads-up Freddy! Looks like you ran into a bug there, this new version is still early so we're ironing out some of them. We just added 250 free credits to your account to help make up for the challenges you had, let me know if you don't see them. Thanks for being a user of AbleGen!
No big deal at all - just providing feedback of how things respond on my end as I know you're still developing it. Overall it's been a pretty smooth experience (other than I believe there was a short period when you took it down after the 1st rollout but that was easy enough to determine).

I dig it - I do appreciate the free credits as well - confirmed receipt! Thanks again!!
this is perfect software
this is awesome, generates so many unique types of samples
Hi, i also have the same issue: "cannot have more than 3 codes per user"
Can you help as well? Ludovic
Hey Ludovic! When this happens, if you go to you can see an option to "Unlink all codes". If you click that, you will be able to re-link the plugin again
I unfortunately am having this issue as well, it opens up but flashes the 3 code message, then flashes and stays on error. Am also having trouble with login, it won't accept either discord or google log in. Thank you for your help and for sharing your work!
Hey all,
We're having some login issues currently, our team is heads-down working to fix it. We'll send an update here when the login is fixed! In the meantime we've taken the plugin down
Thanks, I was just about to throw up a post! :)
Login is fixed now! Let us know if you need anything else
Hey! When I installed the .amxd into my user library and launched the first time, I wasn't redirected to

I made an account manually, and tried signing out/back in while the plugin was loading to see if it'd make it link, but the plugin keeps throwing errors when I try to generate. Any ideas?
good idea
When i load this into ableton the plug in just shows as a white screen & does not load correctly. Any fix for this?
white for me too. Ableton 11, resent version, Max8 freshly updated, Windows 11. Opend it in M4L and found the following:

Max Console:
node.script: Node script not ready can't handle message plugsync
js: error -1 opening file [fit_jweb_to_bounds.js]
js: error -1 opening file [resize_n4m_monitor_patcher.js]


How soon are we likely to see the Windows version?
Hey fam

I had some error to generate, I can't use it and my credits have been deducted, can you help me?
fuck you
Hey guys, I just downloaded the device, but when it goes to log-in, this message appears:

"This Deployment has been disabled.

Your connection is working correctly.

Vercel is working correctly.

ID: gru1::vtrm8-1720184055070-067c62b7db52

If you are a visitor, contact the website owner or try again later.
If you are the owner, please read this documentation section."

Is there something I can do to pass through it, or is it an issue with the server?
Just stuck on a white screen. Live 12.0.10

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