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Inspired by Lucid Rythms Version 0.7
AudioReactiveVideoSynth reworked Version 1.0
Bouncy-Drumpads Version 1.0.2

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Update on crash reports: Check if your live set contains any 3rd party plugins. You may want to test using the clean Ableton-default live set.

I can confirm, if my live set contains Amplitube-5 in any track, adding this plugin will crash Ableton.

I made this heavy plugin a little lighter. Now only one cubemap (skybox) is included and downsized from 2k to 1k. Also, the skybox is off by default.

I hope this will help to conserve some resources.

However, if you want and have the power, ad whatever skybox you like on demand. Just drop the cubemap file on the VCR preview in the plugin.

Wow ... cool. tried it again and it works very well.
And i have a suspicion. Jitter based visualisations have the tendency to crash Ableton on first use.

very cool, thanks.

- 1st start -nothing, just black screen, even with audio input level set to max.
- had a Ableton crash when trying to remove the device from Ableton
- opened it in max and found the slider adjustment by scale 0. 127. 0. 0.2 - after increasing the last argument to 0.5 it is working
- having the meter~ as part of the visualization would help for black screen situations to understand (i did this for my copy)

System: Ableton 11, Max 8 on Windows 11 (all up to date)

nice, like this!

Fixed a bug in the calculation for loop length from BPM / Time Signatur

GLSL shader error in program fp:
0(20) : error C1115: unable to find compatible overloaded function texture(sampler1D, vec2)"

white for me too. Ableton 11, resent version, Max8 freshly updated, Windows 11. Opend it in M4L and found the following:

Max Console:
node.script: Node script not ready can't handle message plugsync
js: error -1 opening file [fit_jweb_to_bounds.js]
js: error -1 opening file [resize_n4m_monitor_patcher.js]