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Name | Version: Step Recorder 1.0
Author: audiodake
Device Type: MIDI Effect
Description: Step recorder is a max for live monophonic step sequencer that I made specifically for my Push 3 Standalone, but it should work with all Push versions and also with any other midi controllers.

The main difference from other step sequencers is that it records notes directly into Ableton clips.

But it also have a bunch of convenient features:

- Records notes into the selected position in a clip (set by a parameter) from MIDI
- Creates a new clip in the focused slot if it doesn't exist
- Automatically extends clip length when you input notes
- Bypasses all the logic when the Ableton transport is playing
- Resets position parameter to 0 when the new empty clip slot is focused

And here are the parameters:

RECORD: completely bypasses the signal when it is off (even when the transport is stopped)

POSITION: the current position for the next note. It extends automatically when you input new notes, but you can also use it to add some pauses

STEP: the length of notes that will be reordered. The value represents 16th notes. Can be changed for every step in the sequence. doesn't affect the steps that were already recorded

VELOCITY: the velocity of notes that will be reordered. Can be changed for every step in the sequence. It doesn't affect the steps that were already recorded.

You can check a nice demo here:


Live Version Used: 11.3.4
Max Version Used: 8.5.4
Date Added: Aug 26 2023 12:27:34
Date Last Updated: Aug 26 2023 12:28:34
Downloads: 473
License: AttributionNonCommercialNoDerivatives
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Device File: Step Recorder.amxd


Great device! Would be great if you could input notes while the transport is running, but in the studio this is perfect. Thank you
Thank you for this, it's really great!

Would be next level if there was an option to record the velocity the pad was tapped with, rather than the velocity knob
Simplest way to step record it seems. I hope it works without Push.
Great device! If you're ever looking at adding features, a few I'd love to see:
-Chords. All keys held together register as one step. Only when there are as many note offs as there were note ons does a new step get written!
-Velocity recording
-A key for recording a rest, a key for extending a step (easier than using the knob for changing step length), and a key for repeating a step (useful for chords!)
On the last point, these could be buttons in the UI that the user could midi or key map

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