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Name | Version: Multi Matrix Mangler Effect 1.1
Author: offthesky
Device Type: Audio Effect
Description: a multi effect containing: granular, delay, pitch shift, overdrive, dual tremolo, and reverb with a full blown matrix so you can route seemingly infinite ways. there is a randomize button for each effect (or a global random!). plus there's a built in crackle and tonal noise generator in the preset section. this runs through the input of the effects matrix.

the little white square boxes next to each dial will turn off the randomness for that dial.

the matrix is inspired from the apematrix ios app. you can click the pacman dials and drag up to increase the volume for that connection. the top row are the inputs and the right most row are the outputs. for example: if you turn on the dry- out one(very top right dial), you just get a clean signal, no effects. if you turn on 1, then click+drag the 1 out (right side dial, 1 down from the dry out dial) you will send the input only through effect 1 to the output. you can do serial, parallel or even crazy feedback with this thing so put a limiter after this in your effects chain.

great for subtle effects to wild and crazy experimental weirdness. use your imagination!

tip: need inspiration? try the automating the presets or hit the global random button (!) at the bottom right. you can even map to the global random button (just note, that will spam your undo history)

tip2: if you want to map an lfo to any of the random buttons or matrix sliders, you can group the rack, right click on the buttons/sliders and choose "map to macro X" then map the lfo to the group/rack's macro knob.

special credit goes to the "building with max for live" pack as most effects from this came in one form or another from that pack. the tremolo was derived from the lfodraw patch by delicateear.

v1.1 - added dcblock+limiter on output. added master wet/dry (in the presets section). enabled automation/mapping for the randomize matrix + randomize all buttons. rearranged the matrix sliders a bit and added ui arrows indicating flow of audio into and out of the matrix to help things make a bit more sense


Live Version Used: 11.2.10
Max Version Used: 8.3.3
Date Added: Jun 02 2023 21:06:26
Date Last Updated: Jun 05 2023 20:55:50
Downloads: 936
License: AttributionNonCommercialShareAlike
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Device File: MultiMatrixMangler1 (audio).amxd


ummmmmm. ok this thing is freaking cool! thanks a lot. Very inspiring, love the randomizing. Warning tho, keep a limiter at the end of this if your going to start randomizing!
thanks for the great feedback @shinytheshiny. i think getting some kind of limiter(+dc filter) installed at the end of thr chain in this is a really great idea for the next update...
this is very very good:)
thank you. looking for its next builds
thanks for sharing this! love all your devices
awesome! if you are going to be doing updates, would love to see a master dry / wet, if possible.
great idea again! added that limiter/mstr w/d (in preset section)
amazing update!:) thank you.
this begs maybe for a series - 3 devices - 3 colors.
1 with vanilla fx, and the other two with more and more experimantal fx...:)
yep, definitely thinking the same for a series (hence this one being filenamed with "1").. i think next will tackle the vanilla fx one (color themed vanilla cream), and the 3rd will be the crazy fx. also have an idea for a 4th "instrument" variant containing some synths. a lofty goal all that; we'll see how far i get...

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