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Name | Version: Collab Synth Drums 1.1
Author: offthesky
Device Type: Instrument
Description: 8 drum synth modules with randomizers and presets. a kick, snare, hihat, tom, clap, rim, cowbell, and a physical modelled metal thingy(mesh). as the title suggests, this is a port/interpretation (things certainly had to be simplified and changed transit) from the recent cycling 74 collab drums projects:

there's probability per drum module, randomizer per module(click the white circle), global randomize (the white circle above the presets), a presets section (shift click stores a preset), and a master overdrive section. i know the labeling is sparse(on purpose) so im leaning on the hinting system. just mouseover and wait a second for a little popup note to find out what dials do what.

note: you can manually trigger each drum module by clicking on the red number in the top left of each module.

v1.1 - replaced tom hall's kick w my own creation. i think it slaps a bit more akin to the 808 kick imho. added velocity sensitivity (you can get interest note chokes with varying velocities and longer decay's on some of the modules). fixed the rim envelop so we don't get those drones.

kick - jason corder
snare - ned rush
hihat - leslie garcía
tom - too_hands
clap - mjulev
rimshot - onokio
cowbell - melody loveless
mesh - babumamusic
i did: LOTS of cleanup, note in filters, swapping max dials/numbers w m4l ones, setting ranges, determining which ui elements to expose, adding preset system and overdrive, and of course the gui look which i based directly off the best looking one of the bunch, the clap by mjulev

i needed an excuse to study a bit about how synth percs are constructed in max; gleaning ideas for use in a bigger m4l tool/dream im having. the drum patches by the amazing above mentioned artist did not disappoint.
and i know there's already a ton of options for synth drums here at but maybe this one gives you a different flavor? some new perspective? when in doubt, hit the rando button.



Live Version Used: 11.2.10
Max Version Used: 8.3.3
Date Added: May 26 2023 23:14:16
Date Last Updated: May 28 2023 03:27:41
Downloads: 831
License: AttributionNonCommercialShareAlike
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Device File: Collab - Drums (instrument).amxd


Hell yeah! This rocks! I love the way you incorporated the hit probabilities into the instrument itself (as opposed to leaving that to a sequencer). Also dig the semi randomness (I think I hear) from the random decay function. I'll be using this a lot, love it! The only thing missing is possibly velocity sensitivity? Thanks so much for sharing it!
Loving this... One thing - I've noticed a pretty substantial background hum with most of the configurations. It's not noticeable until the output of the track is mid/high but once there, it can be very noticeable (even to these pedestrian ears, which is saying something!). I'm thinking maybe the release time needs to be chopped off of one of the sounds or maybe one of them is being pushed too hard? Not sure but if you throw on some headphones and push the levels a tad, you can't miss it.

I'm still playing with it anyway, a little hum never hurt anybody!
Playing some more - pretty sure it's the rim shot sound that is the culprit. It's not there on all configurations but on most of the randoms I've landed on
@freddyfingaz, thanks again for all the comments/feedback! the rim and kick envelops really needed work. in fact i just replaced the kick altogether with my own creation. i think it slaps a bit more than the previous version. also added velocity in there for each module. since each is mono, you can get some interesting note choke effects playing a note w a vel of 1 after a note w a high velocity.
Quite agree - automating the patch choice is very fun.
Actually using it with an M4L version of the sequencer from the Drum Kit project.
Hey thanks! This is really great!

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