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Would be interested in your version of the 'no.pinball' sequencer, though I do have his own version now (having subscribed to his Patreon).

Actually using it with an M4L version of the sequencer from the Drum Kit project.

Quite agree - automating the patch choice is very fun.

Yes, that fixes it, thanks.

Very nice device.

Was quite sad that a very pleasing sidewinder sequence was not apparently retained when I saved the set.
Does it have to be saved to a preset to do that?

Yes, the matrix works fine with the various Seeds devices such as Polymath and Chronology, for example.

Another excellent device, thanks.

Sadly, though, for me the descending notes do not show up on the Push 2. The other controls work fine, just nothing on the 8x8 buttons.
This is with Live 11.1.6.


Really nice device.

Just thought I'd mention that I'm testing Live 11.2 beta at the moment, and there I find that with "auto" enabled, while the sounds do change, the various dials are not visually updated with each note.