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Name/Version: Delete Distortion 1.0
Author: KendyD  
Description: This distortion device is a dedicated M4L replica of the 'Clip Distortion' plugin from Apples DAW 'Logic Pro', which got it's fame by being a widely used tool for making kick drums in the Hardstyle genre.

Mainly being a creative distortion and tone shaping tool box, this device is meant to be used for creative sound design, but can also be used for different mixing tasks as well.

After passing the input stage, the signal gets splitted into a dry and a wet signal path. The following path of the wet signal chain looks something like this: Gain/Drive - HPF (Tone) - Distortion/Symmetry - LPF (Clip Filter).
The dry signal then gets mixed together with the distorted signal. Last but not least, there is a little EQ with highshelfing/lowshelfing curves and an additional LPF at the end of the chain (dry + wet signal).

The algorithms of the device were made by measuring different parameters and responses when sending predefined input signals through the original plugin at different settings. Then the curves can be approximated using different mathematical functions, interpolating between the measured values.

I'm realy grateful about every kind of feedback, positive and negative as well, and of course any suggestions for future updates!

See you!

PS: The name of the device was inspired by 'Noisecontrollers' song 'Ctrl.Alt.Delete' from 2009, which included one of the best and well known Hardstyle kicks ever made.

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Downloads: 1149
Tags effect, utility, other
Live Version Used: 10.1.42
Max Version Used: 8.1.11
Date Added: May 29 2022 09:24:11
Date Last Updated: Not updated yet
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Device Type: audio_device
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Device File: Delete Distortion.amxd


SO well made my friend, You've got something really special here!

@AYA Thank you a lot! Realy appreciate your kind words! :)

Amazing works KendyD.
Loving this device right noww.
Got sounds out of it that were pretty out there :))

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