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Name | Version: CreateRenderTrack 0.5.0
Author: mwicat
Device Type: Audio Effect
Description: This device will take your currently selected track (audio or MIDI) and create the new audio track that will have its input set to original track, arm engaged and name derived from original name (example: "Test track" -> "[A] Test Track").

I created this device to instantly set up a new audio track that will be ready to take audio output from my current track. This way I can skip the tedious part of creating, naming the new track and setting all the necessary routings. Just create a key binding for "Create track" button and then you can drop this device anywhere and use the binding for operation.

If you don't know how to create keybindings maybe this video will be helpful:


Live Version Used: 11.0.11
Max Version Used: 8.2.1
Date Added: Feb 09 2022 18:24:57
Date Last Updated: Aug 31 2022 20:25:20
Downloads: 348
License: Attribution
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Device File: CreateRenderTrack-0.5.0.amxd


this is so useful! thanks!
does this device need to be ON the track you want to create a render track for or does this device go anywhere in the project and the track you have ur mouse selected + using the key binding creates the render track?? IF its the latter, god damm
@WHZLY the latter, device goes anywhere, like master track. Then you select the track (with mouse, keyboard or whatever), then you use your binding (for example the "n" key for keybinding since it seems to not conflict with anything). If there is more than one track selected at that moment, it will handle the last and create render track for it.
This is amazing! Ableton should make this a permanent feature.
Very very useful! Thanks!
Also would be nice to "CreateRenderMidiTrack" for instant recording from tracks with arpeggio and chord devices.
dear MWIcat, i love you. This m4l device is amazing. The only sad thing is- on live 11.3.3 on Mac, this now crashes Ableton. I am sure the fix is simple but i havent had time to look into it.

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