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Stepic is far the best one and most complex, so after i few days i really love it.

Also started to like the method of making chords.

About duration: (as i experienced):
Eg.: I have a step on 8th step. I don't put a blue "con" step to 9th.
This case the duration doesn't really have a wide spectrum to set note length.
BUT, i started to be familiar this way. At first i set the note length with "Con" after i can use duration for some fine adjustments.

Swing: I probably misunderstood this function sorry for that.
I thought its a midi delay (Nudge-/+) function. Although this would be a nice addition.

If im already writing a long, i would share my opinion about automation GUI. For me a fader type gives a visually better feedback, than knob style.

Maybe a range function can be good addition for Duration/Velocity/Swing/Divider functions.

Im really happy with the sequencer, although i have some remarks.

- Duration works only when tie is placed after the note.
Would give a faster workflow to use duration without ticking tie steps.

- Althogh duration doesn't work correctly. Only 0 and 127 values working for me. I have tried with more synth patches. No middle sized note length. Only max and min values exists.

- When randomizing steps ties also randomly placed. Like this ties sometimes placed where no effect, because no note before.

- Chord function missing a random button. Ticking to additional notes are not always enough fast and playful. For me this would be the most important addition.

- Swing is not checked properly. Im not sure its working like midi delay. So adding delay in way of - and + would be great.

- When patterns are chained the jump automatically in a normal way. If you want to make changes lets say on pattern2 (when 1-2 chained) you can't do this because its jumping. A pattern lock maybe an option when more pattern are played.

Otherwise an excellent software, thanks for the resizeable GUI.

Has it got drag&drop clip function?

Big thanks! For me its the best midi helper device in Ableton. Im using to add more device to a channel, make a group for each of them and map to regular macros, where i can name the device shown on Ableton Push 1 and can rename the macro names to see what you tweaking.

Hi! Thanks for this nice stuff.
Only one question.
I have made an ableton project file, with multimapper on one channel.
Everytime I load up the project, the mapper window coming up and have to close it.
Do you have solution to solve this?


...and one more question:
As I see only one part is usable of a time. Or is there anyway to use play more parts at the same time. For example the rhytm part and one instrument for bassline?

Thanks for this! Just started to use deeply the mc-303 with these configs.
One thing doesnt want to work for me. I can't change the drumkits. I choose the rhythm part on MC-303. The different drumsounds are coming from different notes, but after writing a midi clip, i cant change the drumkits. At the instrument parts everythings working fine.
Any idea? :)
Thanks for the stuff once again.