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does this device need to be ON the track you want to create a render track for or does this device go anywhere in the project and the track you have ur mouse selected + using the key binding creates the render track?? IF its the latter, god damm

Wow this would be amazing for WINDOWS as well to put less strain on the ABLETON INDEX

Also what does position and range do? Does that control the pitch wheels parameters? Like control the + and - pitch wheel values of serum or other synths?

This looks great. I have a few questions that I hope you can answer. On the images on your gum road and video, what looks to be midi notes in the DrPitch Sequencer, do those midi notes only refer to the "step" and does the height of the step indicate how much it pitches up (if above the middle line)? And if the midi step is turned on, the max pitch, lowest or highest, will be dictated by the synths max pitch wheel + & - correct? For example, SERUM pitch wheel +2 / -2, meaning when that step sequence midi note thing is at the very top it will only go 2 semitones up because serums max is +2 right? :)

Thank you Clemens! Ya man I love it, I literally made such a fire kick yesterday with it and replaced the quliaty sample pack kick i had in there cuz the one made from yours just smacked way harder lol Thanks again for your upload

One question what is the Grid Box for? I cant seem to click it, it doesnt do anything, is that where presets are saved???

this is by far the simplest, yet most effective devices for max ive come across...10/10. I will let you know if I encounter bugs but wow. Ive been making kicks and ZAPS as fills and it works so well. Its such a simple fun sound design tool.

Can you go negative in delay time like to -100 to 0 to 100 ?

Do you mind explaining why you wanted to make something like this? I think this is really cool but I am definitely not understanding the concept. Is this not the same as just setting the second "audio" track in your demo video to "IN" and have the input come from the first track? I think im missing what this the device does or can do.