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Name/Version: Fragscape 1.0
Author: sonusdept  
Description: Fragscape is a tiny but powerful device that generates a jagged texture from small chunks (up to 64 at the same time) of the loaded audio. The parameters you can change are pretty self-explainatory, but beware, due to the structure of the device, you can obtain weird and pleasantly surprising timbres that differ a lot from your expectations!
Fragscape comes as effect, so it can be inserted after an instrument and can add a glitchy texture to any sound stream. You can also choose to block the incoming sounds with the dedicated button.

Device Details

Tags glitch, other
Live Version Used: 11.0
Max Version Used: 8.2
Date Added: Nov 09 2021 11:37:05
Date Last Updated: Not updated yet
Device Type: audio_device
Download URL (report link)
License (more info): Commercial


Very interesting concept, you device bundle seems quite interesting for sound design. Do you think it would be possible to have a video to show your devices in action? I feel that only a few audio clips is a bit limited to really see what your devices are capable of.


Greetings, sorry for the late reply! Yes, I hope to publish some videos soon!

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