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About sonusdept: Sonus Dept. is a small company focusing on sound design and research, providing you with high quality sound libraries, sample packs and custom sound design works.
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microWave Version 1.0
Padradise Version 1.0
Ksenia Version 1.0
Babel Version 1.0
Myscape Version 1.0
Paysage Version 1.0
Picoscape Version 1.0
Escape Version 1.0
NeuraLFO Version 1.0
Neuralscore Version 1.0
TheLeader Version 1.0
Quadr Version 1.0
Surgery Version 1.0
ChaosRack Version 1.0
Fragscape Version 1.0
Scattered Version 1.0
Neuralscape Version 1.0
Neuraloscillator Version 1.0
NeuraloscillatorM Version 1.0
AnyMapper Version 1.0

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this is a utility module featured inside a bundle called Neuraloot. This module is actually only the wave generator, for those who want the direct output of the neural oscillator (that could be used as modulator signal or as a basic yet evolving drone generator).
Upon this generator, the other modules of the bundle have been built: NeuraLFO is a LFO, Neuralscore is a MIDI sequencer, Neuralscape a soundscape creator.
Moreover, its twin utility module NeuraloscillatorM has transport and can be controlled by MIDI notes, like a monophonic synth (it has an AR envelope, too).

Greetings, sorry for the late reply! Yes, I hope to publish some videos soon!

Thanks for pointing it out! Fixed!