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Name/Version: TR-8S CC Controller 1.1
Author: ssmooker  
Description: Full credit goes to Elbo

Expanded their TR-6S device for TR-8S


Send and receive all possible MIDI data to and from the TR-6S. Controls for every MIDI-available feature including FX.

Mute buttons for each instrument.

MIDI CC in button allows dials on device to respond to motion data from the TR-6S.

Easily change patterns using the program change selector or scroll through patterns using the arrows.

Initialise button quickly sets the instrument dials to default values.

Randomise button instantly sets parameters to random values.

Mappable trigger buttons for each instrument.

Detailed README is available here:"

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Downloads: 91
Tags utility, hardware
Live Version Used: 10.1.18
Max Version Used: 8.1.5
Date Added: Oct 01 2021 05:10:16
Date Last Updated: Oct 26 2021 13:56:16
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Device Type: midi_device
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Device File: TR-8S_CC_Controller_v1.1.amxd


This is awesome but I don't think it's working correctly. It has few bugs but maybe I am doing it wrong.

Example: when on TR8S I set "Rx Prog Chg" to ON and when from your interface I select specific kit, that kit is loaded correctly (I can confirm by number on the Tr8S screen) however controls for instruments on your GUI they never change according to which kit is selected.

Control on your interface works fine, for example I can tweak every and each instrument from your interface and this is reflected on the TR8S but when I do same on Tr8S (change instrument values) that is never reflected in Live/your plugin.

I ensured that on TR8s " "Tx Prog Chg" is set to ON but nothing happens on your graphical interface as if MIDI values sent from TR8S are never received in Live.

Moreover when I (for example) move BassDrum Level fader on my Tr8s I can clearly see Live is "sensing" some sort of midi messages by the activity monitor in the Live mixer channel. Clearly there is some MIDI data on channel 10 (default TR8S channel). This is telling me that I setup probably everything correctly, however for some reason your plugin doesn't reflect changes. Like if I move Level on TR8S, on your interface it's always at the same position. As if Lice is sensing that the data is coming from TR8S but it's not actually registering it.

Do you have any tip?

Update - found another bug.

Just by adding your device inside Live "Group" device will change kit values. If I ungroup it from the Group device it will change values further.

Bascially Group-Ungroup change kit values and kit numbers. Sometimes randomly sometimes it's working fine.

Edit - I am being silly. I just realized MidiCC input on your interface was set to off.

But the weird bug on group-ungroup is happening. It changes kit values. (randomly, like sometimes group and ungroup works fine sometimes it does not).

Sorry there is no message edit or delete so I have to post like this.

Wow well done ssmooker, I would have done this myself one day if I ever got around to getting a TR-8S!

I've actually just pushed a large update for my TR-6S device if you want to have a look, maybe you can incorporate some of my changes into this one :)

Hey maky357, I can't test this device since I don't have a TR-8S but I did try it with my TR-6S device.

Are you talking about adding the device to a MIDI effect rack? I added the device to one and can confirm it starts behaving strangely.

If I had to guess Ableton probably switches up how MIDI data is handled when using an MIDI effect rack. My device (and I'm sure this one) simply sends the MIDI and program change data out via the MIDI channel selected in the 'MIDI To' section of the track. It seems that using a MIDI effect rack changes or interrupts MIDI routing behind the scenes somehow.

I'll see if I can find a better answer for you after I do some research but unfortunately the best advice I can give you right now is to just not group the device into a rack.

Fantastic Elbo, I'll have a look through and update this device. Thanks again for doing the all heavy lifting!

maky357, thanks for the feedback. I think your're right about the grouping issue. Seems like Live's internal midi channel selecting can't be too convoluted.

I'll do some testing with different TR-8S midi menu settings and see which works the best. I think their may be some issues when it comes to getting direct parameter feedback to and from the device.

I found that arming the track enables you to have continuity with the machine and live, but makes for a jarring workflow

Wow, this seems to be the best M4L device for the TR-8S so far! Thank you for the TR-8S conversion, and I'll have to thank Elbo on his page :-)

The readme says kit change doesn't work if it's on the same track as the External Instrument, but it works just fine for me?

Note: tested it a bit more and talked with Elbo, and yeah, the kit change with External Device does have the problem as described :-/ But it's an Ableton issue, so we just have to live with it.

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