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TR-6S CC Controller Version 3.0

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Oh cool I didn't know that VST controller existed, I might get it myself because I've been interested in getting into the plugin side of things. It might also give me an idea of how to pull the state from the TR, if it's possible to do in M4L I'll have a look at implementing it.

Anyway glad you like my device and I hope you find it useful in your productions :)

OK great thanks for testing it! Yeah it's a shame, I'm not sure why they decided to give the kit its own channel, maybe it could have been just a MIDI CC event on the main channel but there's probably some reason it has to be a program change event, possibly to with the MIDI standard itself.

I was actually shocked that the new editor wasn't also a plugin, initially I thought I was out of the job :) But it's not even MIDI mappable as a stand-alone application?! Very strange. I had thought that maybe it was impossible but then I remembered that Elektron have Overbridge as VST and AU options so either Roland just didn't want to bother or maybe the way the TRs were designed makes them too difficult to try and control via a DAW? I really have no idea tbh, just one of life's great mysteries.

Hey Stakk3r! I'm glad you like the device, thanks for your comment :)

So what I meant was if you try and use the Kit Change button while using the Ext. Instrument it will change the pattern instead of just the Kit. However changing the pattern will also change the kit because patterns have kits saved along with them too, if that makes sense. So I think that might be what's happening to you, maybe you could confirm for me?

While using the Ext Instrument test if the Program change selector has the same behaviour as the Kit change selector.
Then set the up device on a MIDI track without the Ext Instrument and see if the kit change selector only changes the kit and not the pattern too.

I'd be grateful if you could let me know.

Basically the pattern change and the kit change features both use program change events in order to change them over MIDI. The only difference is that they are on different MIDI channels. I had to make it quickly change the MIDI channel to the Kit channel, send the program change and quickly switch back to the pattern channel but this only works if you're using a MIDI track and not the External instrument. I'm using Live Object Model API to do this and unfortunately the Ext. Instrument doesn't allow you to change the MIDI output channel on the device via the LOM. Also the device overrides the MIDI To section of a MIDI track blocking the kit change feature from working so there wasn't really anything I could do to account for this problem.

BTW don't use more than one version of the device at a time, I tested this and it froze my TR-6S and I had to take the batteries out to reset it! You'd probably just need to cut the power to the TR-8S in this scenario since it doesn't have batteries but be careful anyway!

Hey maky357, I can't test this device since I don't have a TR-8S but I did try it with my TR-6S device.

Are you talking about adding the device to a MIDI effect rack? I added the device to one and can confirm it starts behaving strangely.

If I had to guess Ableton probably switches up how MIDI data is handled when using an MIDI effect rack. My device (and I'm sure this one) simply sends the MIDI and program change data out via the MIDI channel selected in the 'MIDI To' section of the track. It seems that using a MIDI effect rack changes or interrupts MIDI routing behind the scenes somehow.

I'll see if I can find a better answer for you after I do some research but unfortunately the best advice I can give you right now is to just not group the device into a rack.

Wow well done ssmooker, I would have done this myself one day if I ever got around to getting a TR-8S!

I've actually just pushed a large update for my TR-6S device if you want to have a look, maybe you can incorporate some of my changes into this one :)