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Name | Version: DFAM Reset 1.0
Author: elliotEtag
Device Type: Audio Effect
Description: Connect the output of the M4L device to the "ADV / CLOCK" gate input of the DFAM.

Manually set the DFAM sequencer to the step 8 (once at the start of the session).

The device will automatically advance the DFAM sequencer till it reaches the step 8 when Ableton Live transport stops.


Live Version Used: 11
Max Version Used: 8
Date Added: Sep 29 2021 13:31:02
Date Last Updated: Sep 30 2021 14:33:33
Downloads: 285
License: None
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Device File: DFAM_RESET.amxd


I love what you did here! However my audio interface does not produce enough voltage to trigger my DFAM and I am wondering if this could also be done via MIDI out? (I am using a Hermod to convert midi to CV and trigger my DFAM)
No reset input on the DFAM is such a pain. Thank you for solving the problem with this device. It works great. :)
it just advances the clock according to the pattern. its not a reset
Many thanks, this tool is very useful!

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