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Consecution Version 1.0
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DFAM Reset Version 1.0

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it is possible yes, using any other another device that has a mappable output.

Hi Guillaume,

I am sorry for the late reply, I just saw your message :)

Yes it's a hell of a synth, so many parameters I am actually overwhelmed, will need some time to tame it :)

I am using Live 11 and Max 8 (last versions released for both) on Mac OSX Monterey (Apple Silicon but running Live with Rosetta). Everything is working properly (at least I couldn't find any issue).

My Matrix 1000 has the original firmware 1.11 so the feedback is relatively slow, this makes it half fun to sweep parameters.
I am waiting for the TaunTek firmware which should fix those sysex lags.

I didn't use the documentation since I am used to midi and audio routing but I quickly red it now and it seemed very clear, really kind of you to share all this hard work, and for free!

All the best from Germany! (I am French too hehe)

Just got a Matrix 1000. AMAZING device you did Guillaume. Thank you so much for sharing!

Check the devices "Map 8" and "Multi Map",
Mapping the output of one of the eModulate devices to their input should solve it.

sorry for the delay I just saw your comment... it's fixed :)