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Name/Version: Prophet 5 Editor 1.3
Author: weswook  
Description: The Prophet 5 Editor is specifically designed for use with the iconic Prophet 5 (Rev 4) synthesizer. The editor provides access to the Prophet 5's core parameters in real-time via Push.

The Prophet 5 Editor is built on a clear graphical user interface, which makes it easy to navigate and interact with the synth's parameters. This interface is complemented by a wide range of advanced features, including real-time parameter control, preset save and recall and a familiar layout featuring a dynamically native theme.

Key Features of the Prophet 5 Editor
- Specifically designed for use with the Prophet 5 Rev4 Hardware unit
- Provides access to Prophet 5's parameters via Push
- Intuitive graphical user interface for easy navigation and interaction with synth parameters
- Advanced features including real-time parameter control, preset save and recall, and a familiar layout with a dynamically native theme
- Utilizes touch-sensitive buttons, knobs, and pads on the Push for creating, manipulating, and performing sounds.
- Parameters can be mapped and modulated by LFO's

v 1.3 (2/22/23)
-Fixed LFO Initial Amount ... Thanks Andy!

v 1.2 (2/2/23)
-Parameters save to session added
-8 savable preset slots added. Shift click to save preset to slot

v 1.1 (1/12/23)
-Dynamically native skin that blends with Ableton Live's chosen theme.
-Cleaned up the preset digits, moved away from the digital look. No longer need supplemental font download/install.

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Device Details

Tags utility, hardware, push
Live Version Used: 11.2.7
Max Version Used: 8.3.1
Date Added: Jul 14 2021 20:11:20
Date Last Updated: Jan 27 2024 20:52:40
Device Type: midi_device
Download URL (report link)
License (more info): Commercial


Does this device recall the Prophet 5/10 settings when opening session?

The device doesn't recall setting just yet, working on it. Should be in the next update.

Is it suitable for DSI Prophet 08?

@Koltovich It was not designed for the P08 and has not been tested with it.

This looks great! Do you know if there?s ways to do a few extra things with this?
1. Can the knobs on the device update in real time to mirror the hardware positions?
2. If I record arm the track in Live, and play with the hardware controls, does the device capture those movements?
3. Can you save/load patches or settings at all maybe with m4l native preset saving?

It would be awesome to have a way to capture a snapshot or patch/knob settings when recording my synth in ableton sessions. Even just grabbing some static knob positions would help, sometimes you just land on a few good sounds on a track and it?s a bit of a faff to save each one out as it?s own preset. Guess I?m basically describing a basic overbridge, ha!!


@Obelisk Thanks for the feedback! In response:

1. This is a function of the editor, if it's not working you may need to play with your midi settings in live. Please let me know if you have issues with this we can trouble shoot.

2. All parameter movements should capture, this was the motivation behind the editor ... Push 2 and automation

3. I have been playing with patch functions in max4live and hope to include in the P5 editor as soon as I have some down time.

*** I would also love to include a randomizer ping function. It's fun to see what happy accidents can pop up.

Please let me know if you have any other feedback/ideas!!

@weswook thanks for the reply, sorry I didn't get notified of the response!

1. amazing. So, the m4l device updates the knob positions if I move anything on the hardware synth and they jump to the correct positions. I guess I was wondering if there's a way they all can display the hardware's positions without touching the knobs to send the data.

2. Yep, looks like that is working great and actually less buggy than the sound tower demo I tried which feels a bit overly complicated.

3. I think as someone else mentioned on here, it would be great if the ableton session could save/recall the hardware patch state, maybe that's as is or with some kind of preset thing, I dunno! Cool that you're still exploring this though.

Even if I'm just jamming and recording audio from the synth without automation, I'd love to be able to drop something in a session just to keep a note of the synth parameters things were set to. I end up saving patches on the hardware, and then can never remember which numbers tally with which song/project!

randomisers are always fun!!

@Obelisk randomizers!!! I was thinking that while building the device, needs randomization. Happy to hear the editor is less buggy than ST. As soon as possible I'd like to add a patcher, then it's probably a randomizer.

Please let me know if you think of anything else, I really appreciate the feedback!

@weswook thanks for the recent update!I'm not sure if it's me or an ableton setting, but do you know how to overdub live knob recording/automation with your plugin?

for example, If I put the m4l device on the prophets MIDI Track, arm it to record and say wiggle the cutoff frequency, that's great it records the automation perfectly. But say I want to now record another knob motion like Fine tuning OSC 2. It will record the new knob, but also it is overwriting the cutoff I've just recorded with wherever that knob position was left.

@Obelisk thank you for bringing the overdub issue to my attention. I will look into it and push out a fix asap. Please let me know if you find anything else :)

@Obelisk turns out it's working on my end. A glance at Live's manual got me over the finish line. May be a setting in your session. Let me know what you find.

hi, I have it working now, I was scratching my head for a while, but an updated live and also updated firmware on the P5 also got things working, not sure what the issue before was, but it's fine now!

I wanted to ask how the updated presets work? If I hover over the boxes I get number overlays 1-8, but not clear how to save or load them?

Happy you sorted it out!

To store a preset hold shift and mouse click the box you want to save to. To recall a preset mouse click on the box you want to recall.

Can the parameters be modulated with Abletons LFO's?

@kidepic Yes! Parameters can be mapped and modulated by LFO's. This was the original inspiration behind the editor.

Going to try this on standalone Push 3 tomorrow. :0) Curious, did you ever find a way to make the max device update its dials and settings when you change presets on the hardware? I discovered a trick to get this m4l device to update all the patch settings by switching PRESET MODE off on the hardware so it mirrors all the live panel controls. It would be great if there was a way to ping all the hardwares preset settings to the m4l device when changing hardware presets.

Please keep us posted on your experience with P3 Standalone. I have dabbled, trying to get both preset systems to work together. I am sure it is possible, but time constraints limit my ability to tinker. My current solution is to use an older build for hardware presets and a newer build for software presets.

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