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@weswook thanks for the recent update!I'm not sure if it's me or an ableton setting, but do you know how to overdub live knob recording/automation with your plugin?

for example, If I put the m4l device on the prophets MIDI Track, arm it to record and say wiggle the cutoff frequency, that's great it records the automation perfectly. But say I want to now record another knob motion like Fine tuning OSC 2. It will record the new knob, but also it is overwriting the cutoff I've just recorded with wherever that knob position was left.

@weswook thanks for the reply, sorry I didn't get notified of the response!

1. amazing. So, the m4l device updates the knob positions if I move anything on the hardware synth and they jump to the correct positions. I guess I was wondering if there's a way they all can display the hardware's positions without touching the knobs to send the data.

2. Yep, looks like that is working great and actually less buggy than the sound tower demo I tried which feels a bit overly complicated.

3. I think as someone else mentioned on here, it would be great if the ableton session could save/recall the hardware patch state, maybe that's as is or with some kind of preset thing, I dunno! Cool that you're still exploring this though.

Even if I'm just jamming and recording audio from the synth without automation, I'd love to be able to drop something in a session just to keep a note of the synth parameters things were set to. I end up saving patches on the hardware, and then can never remember which numbers tally with which song/project!

randomisers are always fun!!

This looks great! Do you know if there’s ways to do a few extra things with this?
1. Can the knobs on the device update in real time to mirror the hardware positions?
2. If I record arm the track in Live, and play with the hardware controls, does the device capture those movements?
3. Can you save/load patches or settings at all maybe with m4l native preset saving?

It would be awesome to have a way to capture a snapshot or patch/knob settings when recording my synth in ableton sessions. Even just grabbing some static knob positions would help, sometimes you just land on a few good sounds on a track and it’s a bit of a faff to save each one out as it’s own preset. Guess I’m basically describing a basic overbridge, ha!!