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Please keep us posted on your experience with P3 Standalone. I have dabbled, trying to get both preset systems to work together. I am sure it is possible, but time constraints limit my ability to tinker. My current solution is to use an older build for hardware presets and a newer build for software presets.

This is brilliant!

You read my mind, this clock is so useful. I often need quick time stamps and the floating window makes it a breeze. Thank you so much!

@kidepic Yes! Parameters can be mapped and modulated by LFO's. This was the original inspiration behind the editor.

Kudos for putting this together, very much appreciated! Would love to pick your brain sometime regarding the implementation of the dsp. Hope to see further development of this tool!!!!

Happy you sorted it out!

To store a preset hold shift and mouse click the box you want to save to. To recall a preset mouse click on the box you want to recall.

@Obelisk turns out it's working on my end. A glance at Live's manual got me over the finish line. May be a setting in your session. Let me know what you find.

@Obelisk thank you for bringing the overdub issue to my attention. I will look into it and push out a fix asap. Please let me know if you find anything else :)

Beautiful work!

@Obelisk randomizers!!! I was thinking that while building the device, needs randomization. Happy to hear the editor is less buggy than ST. As soon as possible I'd like to add a patcher, then it's probably a randomizer.

Please let me know if you think of anything else, I really appreciate the feedback!

@Obelisk Thanks for the feedback! In response:

1. This is a function of the editor, if it's not working you may need to play with your midi settings in live. Please let me know if you have issues with this we can trouble shoot.

2. All parameter movements should capture, this was the motivation behind the editor ... Push 2 and automation

3. I have been playing with patch functions in max4live and hope to include in the P5 editor as soon as I have some down time.

*** I would also love to include a randomizer ping function. It's fun to see what happy accidents can pop up.

Please let me know if you have any other feedback/ideas!!

Incredibly useful. Does exactly what you need. Can't thank you enough. Everyday we are one step closer to a complete max4live existence!

Thank you for this great tool, I really appreciate it! I'm curious how many tracks you can pull into the device (theoretically) ... would it be possible to have up to 8 incoming audio channels, maybe 24 channels? Is there a Max limitation for incoming signals?

@Koltovich It was not designed for the P08 and has not been tested with it.

The device doesn't recall setting just yet, working on it. Should be in the next update.

Downloaded, dropped into 11, works brilliantly for my needs! Great work, major win for the community. Keep it up :)

Great composition tool! Thank you for putting this together.

+1 for separate MIDI channel out

Great work, thanks for putting this together! Major M4L Noob here. Is it possible to rename banks and reorganize bank structure within this device? I would like to modify it for use with Push 2. Thought I'd reach out before jumping down the rabbit hole.

@st235 Fantastic work! Thanks for putting this together! Is there a way to control the layers individually?