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Name | Version: Zaps Session Recording Tools 1.1
Author: MasterZap
Device Type: MIDI Effect
Description: This tool solves a few missing features in Ableton Live that always frustrated me. It does three things:


Allows you to do Quantize after recording MIDI, to a given PERCENTAGE and a given SWING. The built in Recording Quantization function of Live is always at 100% and with 0% swing. This fixes this problem. TURN OFF the built in quantize if using this!!

2. MIDI MAPPABLE "Delete what I just recorded" BUTTON

If you do mistakes when recording things live, you will find "Undo" is not midi-mappable, plus when using some helper tools, you may need to undo several times to get rid of a track.

This tool adds a "Delete Clip" button. When you press it either WHILE recording a clip or just AFTER recording a clip, it will delete this clip - immediately.

As a bonus, if you hit it AGAIN, it will start recording on the same clip immediately. Very handy in a live situation to simply abort recording that is going wrong (and launching another one).

MIDI map this to something easily reachable (like a footswitch) for maximum awesomness.


Ever been in the middle of recording a loop, playing instruments with both hands and feet, and wanting to stop the recording of the loop... but you JUST missed to press "stop recording" in time.... so now abelton records 4 bars of what you want and 1 bar of useless nothing?

If this happens to you, turn on the "Adjust Length" button. What it does:

If you record a clip (audio or midi) that has an odd number of bars (except one bar, which it allows), it will slice off the odd-numbered bar RIGHT after you close recording.

So if you accidentally hit "stop recording" a little too late, this will auto-fix it for you.


Just put this tool on any MIDI track (only needs to exist once in your entire song) and it will automagically take care of everything for you.


Live Version Used: 10.1.18
Max Version Used: 8.1.5
Date Added: May 13 2021 23:17:05
Date Last Updated: Mar 04 2023 13:32:15
Downloads: 533
License: None
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Device File: ZapsSessionRecordingTools.amxd


Ooo this looks great - thank you! Especially the delete and get recording again in same sesh slot - super helpful!
Hi Zap. First of all, thanks for this device. Although, I'm having some issues with the "Delete Clip" tool, that would solve a problem in my workflow, since I'm having the same "undo history crowding" when recording clips due to M4L Devices and Launchpad bugs and I can't undo.
First, after deleting the clip, it always retrigger the recoding of the same slot, that is not the behaviour you described for it (it should be pressed twice for that).
Also, it would be nice that it could behave this way on any number of recorded clips at the same time, since for example in my case sometimes I want to record a drum beat and a bass line at the same time, it just deletes one of the two in a random way.
I've tried it on both Live 10 and 11.
I'm gonna keep trying to solve it myself, but I'm not acquainted with M4L developing.
Thank you.
does this device only work in Session View? cuz im not hearing any difference in swing...REALLY love the concept of this though. Thanks

Thank you, it's insanely useful for myself, so I made it. The more people that can enjoy it, the better.


That's odd, it works correctly for me. Note it only saves the reference to a single clip when recording, so it won't work for multi-recording, sorry :(
Obviously you can open it up and look inside if you need to change it.


Yeah, it probably only works in session recording mode... that's what it was made for. See my livestream for it used quite heavily (
Hey Zap, great device ... I found out that it does not work in my Livesets - and the reason behind it seems to be: the ARM mode.

The track (where the clip recording is happening) has to be armed manually.

When using the "-EnableArmOnSelection" function in the options.txt file of Ableton, sadly, your device does not work! (The arm-color is a darker red when arm on selection is used. The normal arm color is much brighter red.)
Could you pleeeeasse make a upgrade to the device, so that it's working with this other arm-variant too? i can pay 5 dollars/euros for that. :)
My whole workflow within my liveset is based on the fact that i can scroll through my tracks and every track gets automatically armed. Arm on selection is vital for me.
After further testing, i managed to make Ableton use the "true arm", making a fully bright arm on selection instead of the darkred arm. (By going to abletons preference, enabling solo arm and disabling again).

But now i encounter the same bug another commenter here has:
When pressing "Delete Clip" ONCE it not only deletes the clip, but automatically records a new clip.
I made a small update that I hope fixes the delete clip issue.
I also added a "select current scene" feature, which is something I need in my sets....
Thanks for your device! This last update stopped working for me. I went back to v1.0 and I keep getting a "Too many lines (more than 10000) we..." in my large session. Can you please help?
"Too many lines (more than 10000) we..." only comes up after i use the delete clip successfully once, then it stops working

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