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About MasterZap: Zap is a Dumbe, Blonde and Swedish guy that likes music and software, ideally in combination. He makes stupid live streams at
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Zaps Session Recording Tools Version 1.1
MIDIMuter Version 1.0
Zaps External Synth Tool Version 1.0

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I made a small update that I hope fixes the delete clip issue.
I also added a "select current scene" feature, which is something I need in my sets....


Thank you, it's insanely useful for myself, so I made it. The more people that can enjoy it, the better.


That's odd, it works correctly for me. Note it only saves the reference to a single clip when recording, so it won't work for multi-recording, sorry :(
Obviously you can open it up and look inside if you need to change it.


Yeah, it probably only works in session recording mode... that's what it was made for. See my livestream for it used quite heavily (