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Hi Zap. First of all, thanks for this device. Although, I'm having some issues with the "Delete Clip" tool, that would solve a problem in my workflow, since I'm having the same "undo history crowding" when recording clips due to M4L Devices and Launchpad bugs and I can't undo.
First, after deleting the clip, it always retrigger the recoding of the same slot, that is not the behaviour you described for it (it should be pressed twice for that).
Also, it would be nice that it could behave this way on any number of recorded clips at the same time, since for example in my case sometimes I want to record a drum beat and a bass line at the same time, it just deletes one of the two in a random way.
I've tried it on both Live 10 and 11.
I'm gonna keep trying to solve it myself, but I'm not acquainted with M4L developing.
Thank you.

thank you so much!, there are a few others around here that attempt to do this but yours is the only one that works as it should in all time signatures :)

ok, apparently that problem is not related to your device, it's something with Launchpad Midi Control Surface script. thanks again.

the only thing I'm noticing is that when recording clips, and wanting to undo the whole recording like a normal CTRL+Z would do (even when you didn't stop recording the clip), the behaviour is not as expected...

thanks you so much for this, I have been searching something like it since monday, and can't believe you put it up yesterday. blessed