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Name | Version: Field Work Synth 0.2
Author: epphone
Device Type: Audio Effect
Description: Play your field recordings with this synth!

Simply play a file on a second track and select that track within the device. Play the device with your MIDI keyboard!

Basically, a series of bandpass filters controlled by MIDI and ADSR.


Live Version Used: 10.1.30
Max Version Used: 8.1.8
Date Added: Feb 15 2021 16:03:21
Date Last Updated: No Updates
Downloads: 258
License: None
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Device File: FWSynth2.amxd


In Live 11.0b29 the fields in the upper left for selecting audio source don't show up.
Same bug in latest Live 10.x:(
the source selector is missing.
Unfortunately, ditto for 10.
please update this so it works :)

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